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    Oct 2002
    di kasi mitsu yung past cars ko e, halo-halo --kia-mazda-toyota-mazda-toyota. buhay pa yung last 2.

    ngayon mitsu lancer 2002 mx - all stock maliban sa thermo wraps which i installed myself. saka additional cup holder saka baby seat hahaha! oo nga pala, i just changed the wiper blades to silicon, yung blue. mods na sa akin yan, cheap!

    ala din datung pang-mods e. bibili na sana ako k&n saka side skirts last xmas kaso na-holdap ako ng kumander ko. tinatago ko yung pera sa pocket ng jacket ko abay naisipan ba naman na labahan, bwiset! ayun tuwang-tuwa ang loka!

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    Apr 2004
    2004 Mitsubishi Adventure
    GLS Sport 2.5L 4D56


    I learned to drive using our family Mitsubishi Minica. We bought it second hand and my Dad had it undergo a facelift and overhaul. Sadly, naka-garahe nalang ngayon.

    Now I drive a 2004 Mitsubishi Adventure GLS Sport. Eto yung 2004 model na just before the new facelift. 2.5liters of 4D56 diesel power!!! Puro safety related ang mods ko. Nilagyan ko lang ng rear under mirror sa back at fender mirror sa right fender. Got yellow 3M reflector stickers sa top ng rear lights as a distinguishing mark. My 1 year old son loves it! Oh, and he has his own car seat installed.

    Future mods planned (if I get lucky)...

    1. sound setup
    2. spoiler and side steps
    3. tire change (wider)
    4. maybe a dvd player

    Lastly, I just like to express how much I marvel at the manueverability of the Mitsubishi Adventure! Hanep na AUV talaga! I love this car!
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    May 2004

    -Change Muffler Tip
    -Change The MITSUBISHI and SPACE WAGON emblem to white kasi pudpod na. hehehe!

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    Feb 2004
    college: 1994 lancer el.
    - changed mags to 15" rota with 195/55 r15 tires (pawis steering, so medyo malupit ito)
    - upgraded soundsystem to pioneer separates and 15" rockford sub

    early working years: 1996 galant v6 matic
    - changed mags to 17" rota stage 5 with 215/50 r17 tires
    - had a humongous soundsystem. 4 pairs of mb quart separates. two S12d kicker solobarics and three kicker impulse amps. (total of 18 speakers)

    curent: 1997 gen 2 pajero local
    - previous owner changed color to alpine white
    - did the washer mod
    - thinking of a finer filter
    - thinking of a 2" lift and 33" mud tires and new 15x8 mags kung magkapera
    - have an extra MTX 4 way amp and punch 200ix amp to start my soundsystem, pero hold muna, wala pang pera

    andy (best friend namin may-ari ng mitsu gensan, kaya solid mitsu ako)

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    Oct 2002

    78 EL - 2-inch drop, BBS wheels, recaro seats, momo steering and shift knob... pero stock engine.

    89 Galant - Stock


    L300 VV diesel - Stock

    85 Galant GL - Stock (nasa talyer nga ngayon eh, kasi nabangga ng altis). grrrrrr... ni-rerestore ko pa naman.

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    Feb 2004
    Pajero 5dr Gen2.5 2002
    4m40 A/T
    Int'l Ed Tail/Bumper Lights & Front Garnish
    Sunguard NE33/ Autostar Roof Rail/ Stebel Magnum/ McCulloch
    Clifford Concept 450

    Pajero 3dr Gen2 1995 (subic)
    4d56 M/T
    Platinum Dark, Fiamm, else stock
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  7. DT is offline Verified Tsikot Member
    Join Date
    Oct 2002
    my current ride:
    '04 adventure gls sport (diesel) M/T

    my past ride:
    '00 lancer MX M/T

    i had to change to a bigger ride kasi dumadami na kami sa pamilya.

    plus, mas economic and practical ang diesel tutal hindi ka naman makapag-patakbo ng mabilis dahil grabe na ang traffic.

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    Jul 2003
    my previous ride: lancer egg 93

    almost euro look
    -back glass w wiper
    -map lamp
    -twin exhaust muffler
    -rear disc brake
    -engine bone stock! hehe

    thanks to clubmitsu gurus for helping me.

    new proud owner is a cebuano!

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    Jan 2004
    1995 Mitsubishi Space Wagon
    - Momo Mags w/ Dunlop LeMans 195/55/R15

  10. Join Date
    Jun 2004
    Used to be a toyota fan but I now drive all mistu. Don't know why.

    Mine - 97 L200 4X2 all stock. Soft ride, simple and cheap to maintain.

    Wife's - 2003 Adventure GLS Sport MT Gas, also all stock. Powerful and efficient engine. No problems so far except for a sometime sticky shift.

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