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    Jan 2005
    maaga ako umalis kasi eh, mga 10:30am or so, may tatapusin pa kasi ako sa bahay :D

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    hope makapunta mamaya (pwede sana mailayo ang grandis->:hihihi

    kita-kita nalang sa makita kong tsikoteer!

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    Aug 2005

    ang saya nman dyan..

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    Apr 2006
    Mga sir.. question lng na Out of topic... ask ako ng frnd ko.. which is better in terms of ride quality bet strada and fortuner 3.0 V? were here sa province so we dnt have chance for test drive.. TNX

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    punta na ako dun... iuuwi ko na ung grandis :hihihi: sir carlo, san ba sa d fort yan, makikita ko naman agad,right?

    kita kits nalang!

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    Aug 2004
    RE: Strada:

    Boys and Girls... [size=4]This is THE most comfortable diesel pickup in the Philippines... BAR NONE[/size]

    Now that that's out of the way...

    The interior is good, rear seats spacious, with the proper incline (versus the straight up seats of most other pickups)... might not be as spacious as the Hilux, but you won't find any reason to complain.

    The switchgear, dash and front seats are all nice and functional. Drives like a car, steering isn't as heavy as the Hilux and it's pretty decent.

    This is an easy pickup to back up. The high load bed gives you a big blind spot straight behind you, but the flanks are trim, so you can see a lot through the rear view mirrors... it's easier to back up, at least, than a Fortuner.

    The ride, again, is comfortable. The Strada doesn't roll too badly (it does roll, but moderately), it's stable in cornering, and it doesn't rattle the teeth out of your head like in the Hilux. In fact, this is the first pickup I've driven that's more comfortable than my car. I was flabbergasted when I looked underneath and saw leaf springs... I expected to see airbags!

    And unlike other "comfortable" trucks (Sorento, for one...), it doesn't float or sway like a boat. Mitsubishi engineers have outdone themselves this time.

    Off roading? No comment yet. They let us play in a mud-pit, which again highlighted the good ride, but wasn't really a true off-road test. Fun, though... especially when Marvin (mbt) drove it at speed straight across the ruts... it stayed completely level.

    Engine pickup on the Manual Transmission model feels better (subjectively) than the Manual on the Innova 2.5. Less lag at low rpms, and good power high up. Still no match for the 3.0 D4D at high rpms, but it's a good lump for merely being 2.5.

    Brakes are relatively good. Not much to comment on, as the test circuit was too short.


    I'm thinking this will be Pick-up of the Year at the next Philippine Car of the Year... if only because of the ride. The new Ford Ranger will have to be pretty good to beat this. No, wait... the new Ranger will have to be PHENOMENAL to beat this.
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    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Oct 2005
    BS talaga...i cant go there to test the vehicles...i have no car to use... tsikot-tsikot na lang tuloy ako...

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    Aug 2004
    Oh, by the way... I'm smitten by the Galant 240M. Nice interior, good ergonomics, rear AC. Nice ride, decent acceleration, good handling... A perfect competitor for the old Camry. Too bad there's a new Camry now.

    Oh, if only they'd change the nose... and if only the rear end didn't look like a Super Vios (seriously), it'd get more sales.

    EDIT: Okay, almost smitten... the rear seat is humongous, but the high belt-line makes you feel like a ten year old sitting in the back of the bus, you can't rest your arms on the windowsill! That's not a good thing if you're a politician in the middle of a parade.
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    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Oct 2005
    diba appealing naman ang Super Vios look ng rear ng Galant? ganda nga eh...the only thing id like them to change is the front.

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    ok my review, tested except the strada GLS matic and GLX:

    simulan ko lang, personal views ko lang later nalang.

    well, we (me, my_wife(tsikot handle:cruisegirl78), our daugther, and a friend)was there after a luch at chowking, mga 1130, mga 1230 siguro, punta na kami sa site.

    ok, naiba ang usual place, pero ok na din..actually, konti lang ata pumunta,e... well, there's the like, pero di daw pwede i-test drive we first make rounds sa tent. then after, i signed up for the test drives..

    while signing up, suddenly, *pop-boom* then the lights went out, the people in-charge suddenly staarted shouting, mayroon daw short on some on the wires,..buti nalang nung namoy ng misis ko, umalis sila sa may gitna, where it happend. medyo umapoy, pero naging ok na din...on to the main show:

    1.first off, the grandis - well, the green grandis that i should have taken home :hihihi: ok ang aircon, being the first person to tesdrive it today, masasabi ko, mabilis lumamig. auto mode lang sa aircon, then set sa 28 muna, then 25, then 20.. hehe, the tesdrive unit is equipped with in-dash 2-din tv-dvd system w/ roof-mount monitor, na sana standard na just to justify the 1.5M price! (sayang wala ko dvd,e...nagdala sana ako ng PB/PH DVDs!), well, sa asap nalang ako nagtune-in while driving spacious parin, enough ang power, and i'm willing to make a compromise on this than getting a SI sedan or the 6. yes its not 5 speed, pero ok na din, hope magkaroon ng 5-speed, pero malabo talaga, mitsu ph pa!anywayz, for me, grandis is a good alternative if you're considering a VVTi innova and a previa.....

    2. next is the executive black galant. well, ako din ang una dito today, :bwahaha: kaya grabe paso kami sa leather! so i also conclude na VG ang aircon din, same, auto, 30 then 25, then 20, may central display pa, not for the aftermarket-types...well, no tv/dvds here, but the rear vent is good offer for the rear passenger. pull is a bit great than the grandis: oviously of the weight..well, not excatly my target, pero i can say, if you dont mind not having the v-6, galant is a good alternative na din...big plus na ang rear aircon vent, just like sa focus! but the gate-type of the grandis i missing...oh well, my driver wont complain!

    3.swerte ako sa strada na ito, walang masyadong pila: GLS manual! the gray one. sad no offroad na, ayaw na ng d'fort management! puros putik na ung unit,e...pero tama kayo, the new strada's ride can match of those sedans. the 2.5L crdi 4d56-derived engine put out good power for its size. and no/less usok! since mostly road na daan ko, so flooring it and feeling its pull on road is all i can do. i liked the central display, kumpleto just like sa gen3 pajero! auto aircon! but sad to say, no keyless/alarm system! and ung handle ng stick is toooo,way to big to hold confortably, pero pwede naman palitan ng aftermarket, big issue there.

    4.lancer gt, well, its the poor-man's evo. if you cant afford the evo MR or the EVO rs, well the lancer GT is the closest thing you can have..well, it may not be fast as the focus hatch, or the GTI galant or thecivic 2.0S-L...but it has good recaro-like seats, black interior, and a good all-round car. ok na din ang invecs2-SM nya for everyday chores, but will not stir the enthusiast. so kung gusto mo lang good classic sedan, this is the one for you...(comaparing it to its competitors now is unreasonable, because, its an old model, and focus, FD civic,MZ3 are newer cars...pero unlike them, the lancer ican be a good option too.) nga pala, love the momo steering w/ airbags, dual airbags....sayang center lang ata ung butas to the trunk, just like the galant

    5. last on the way, montero sport..nagpadiesel pala kaya pala nawala,e! well, gen 2 ride, minus the 3rd row, NO SS-4 4WD SYSTEM OF THE GEN 2 PAJERO! NO REAR AIRCON! its only a jacked-up adventure gls, w/2.8L and basic 4wd-AT! nagsisisi nga ako bakit ko pa to pinaggugulan ng panahon. masmaganda pa ride ng liteace ko(nagsalita, e TEMS ung akin,e!), same pull as my liteace, basic interior, dual SRS lang....

    well, anywayz, i regret not having the grandis here at home but well, unlike noong una ko siyang tinesdrive ko na after nung accord v6 sa fort din(coty last year ata yun), which dampen its power vermuch kasi sa lahkas ng hatak ng accord v6, now i can say na grandis nalang ako... (magkano na jackpot today sa lotto??)

    well, accept the reality, na maxima parin ang ride namin pauwi

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Aftermath:  Mitsubishi Test Drive- Galant, Lancer 2.0, and the all new STRADA