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    Oct 2002
    It was nice seeing you - Carlo, Fafa Otep, Jaymie, Nugundam, Congressman Niky and cousin (?), Mbt.

    I arrived at exactly 9am and immediately test drove the new Strada AT to compare it with my Dmax AT. An annoying sales agent had me fill up some forms and I'm off!(in fairness maasikaso siya and you are right Carlo...this is how they should handle customers- maybe because I said that im thinking of trading in my dmax for the new strada).

    Here goes my review:

    As I said before, the interior is too "plasticky" for me. Tho I really liked the LCD display and its functions. The entertainment system produced quality sound comparable to the Dmax's. The advantage of the Strada however lies in its Ipod ready HU...plug and play.

    The fabric of the seats were simple and nice compared to the hellish prints of the Dmax's. However, I think that the front seats of the Dmax has better and more comfortable support (specially in the lumbar).

    The backseat was a different story. Kudos to Mitsubishi for bringing in the most comfortable back seats in the Pick-up class. SUVish is how I can describe it. Comfortable, and spacious.

    Sadly the AT variant lacks low end torque for me. Compared to the Dmax which will give you the anticipated Oooompfh! of the engine at around 1,800rpm, the Strada's can be felt at a high of 2,500rpm to 3000rpm (this is why I never believed in what brochures show). You will need to get used to a 2k to 3k rpm revving in order for you to find the satisfaction. I think engine displacement has much to to with this..or it can also be the AT system.

    At long streches however, I think that the Strada AT has more power to give than the Dmax. Simply speaking I think that the Strada is more responsive at high speeds compared to the Dmax. I was surprised to feel the engine of the Strada pushing the vehicle even when engaged in high gears.

    The ride of the Strada is just superb! Its not enough to say that it is the best in the pickup category....heck It can even compete in the SUV class! Now we can bring our grannies with us without the fear of killing them in the process.

    The steering/handling was also responsive comparable to the Dmax. However I think that the Strada gives less strain to the arms due to a better driver steering and seating position (driving for hours in my Dmax gives me the urge to call my mom's masahista afterwards).

    Front: All I can say is ang GWAFU!!! I liked the headlights, grill, doors, everything!

    Rear: Kinda weird for a tail. It has a small bed. And I hate those robotic bumpers!

    Will I buy one if given the opportunity? Definitely! But my Dmax serves me well and I find its own advantages compared to the Strada. But that Dang ride of the STRADA is just soooo irresistable!

    Pictures to follow!

    Carlo: Thanks in advanced for the pics. I Enjoyed the exchange of muling pagkikita (Hmmm...Ford Ranger Launch? hehe)

    Hope this post helps potential pickup buyers!
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    nice to meet you din djerms. same goes for carlo and otep, di ko na naabutan si niky and mbt.

    anyway, agree ako with the review. i hate the fact nga lang na there wasn't a closed-off area for acceleration testing i would've wanted to compare it with how the 4m40 pulls in the pajero.

    the agent sure was maasikaso...heheheh. maybe those people at [\--/] alabang could learn a thing or two from him. :lol:

    i'm in love with the strada. it rides better than the grandis! now just add the 4m41 and we're all set.

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    Oct 2004

    You have spare "press" sticker???

    Edit needs more adjectives
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    Apr 2004
    Here is my short review on the Mitsubishi Strada


    The all-new Strada has the most attractive interior among the three (hilux, dmax and frontier). Though plasticky, it sports an up-to-date feel. The multi-function display monitor is a gem.

    The handbrake position is quite far from the driver, like the ones on the converted vehicles. On the AT variant, the letters "PRND321" is also on the wrong side. (like what one of the poster mentioned on the other Strada thread).


    The side profile of the Strada resembles the Hilux while the front fender looks like the gen3 Pajero. Oh, those rims looks like the Fortuners. The rear bumper of the GLS variant looks short and unbalanced. I prefer the fuel cap cover flat rather than those with breadstick-like design.

    Drive and power
    Torque is good and the ride is, should I say, the best in its class. Steering response is great and the turning radius is superb. There's a short lag on the automatic variant but the manual transmission responds quite well and is definitely recommended.


    The Strada has enough legroom for both front and rear passengers. The comfortable rear seats is a plus. Ride is superb even on bumps and way better than the D-max and Hilux. Driving position is comfortable and the view is also good. The manual transmission has somewhat that short shift feel and I love it.

    Conclusion: The all-new Strada looks awesome inside and out but I was disappointed with the short truck bed and the plasticky interior.

    Surprsingly, even the base model GLX has airbags, 4x4 mode and power windows. No 4x2 variant as of the moment.

    Nevertheless, I would definitely recommend the all-new Strada.

    Strada on the mud (thanks Djerms for this pic)

    Strada or D-max?

    Strada on the road (Otep driving)

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    Apr 2004
    more pics

    As for the Lancer GT, it's sluggish. I'd pick the Mazda 3 or the Focus over it.
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    Apr 2004
    more pics

    Strada model

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    balik ba kayu 2mrw? kasama off-road section for the strada?

    sana maging ok na si misis makapunta ako.. tesdrive ko pajero at strada..kasama ba grandis?

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    Oct 2002
    Nice meeting you guys. Later na ko mag-comment. hehehe.
    Need an Ambulance? We sell Zic Brand Oils and Lubricants. Please PM me.

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    Apr 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by alwayz_yummy View Post
    balik ba kayu 2mrw? kasama off-road section for the strada?

    sana maging ok na si misis makapunta ako.. tesdrive ko pajero at strada..kasama ba grandis?

    wala pong test drive ng Pajero. Montero, Strada, Lancer GT, Grandis and Galant 240M lang po

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    Jan 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by carlocaraddict View Post
    more pics

    Strada model
    ehehehehe atsaka yung model sa loob ng strada.

    anyway, astig din yung shot nung red strada with muddy tires sa harap ng entrance. nice!

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Aftermath:  Mitsubishi Test Drive- Galant, Lancer 2.0, and the all new STRADA