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    Oct 2006
    Mga peeps,

    Gaano kalakas ang engine ng galant with this type of model.

    I was just wandering coz last saturday, my friend who has an SIR stock, issued a friendly challenge na race daw kme sa Macapagal (stretch from Shell Gas station - Coastal Mall), me plus pa daw ako. I declined coz mabigat ang auto ko and my tires are burned out. If I've accepted the challenge, I would have lost ryt? Need help sa engine specs ko (HP, etc.....)..

    Another thing

    Can some give me a comparsion over the ff:

    V6 Galant
    Accord VTi
    Civic SiR
    V6 Cefiro
    Mazda 626

    As you can see puro mid size sedans (except sa SiR)

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    Oct 2002
    VR V6 - 6A12 2.0L DOHC V6, good for 160hp. talo ka talaga sa quarter mile. hamunin mo 1 mile run, iwan yung SiR sa rekta.

    V6 = more torque, and there is no replacement for displacement.

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    Dec 2003
    Oo nga hamunin mo ng 1 mile yun panalo ka na.
    Tambay ka din pala ng macapagal..hehe.
    Paging racers.hehe..

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    Oct 2002
    yup talo talaga tayo sa mga SIR pag quarter mile lang pero hamunin mo sa North/South Express way, di lalaban sa yo yan. Major factor is weight

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    Mar 2006
    hamunin mo sya ng karera sa star tollway! kung sino una makarating sa dulo panalo!

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