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    Jan 2011
    mukang ok yun pricing ha tska yun dadalhin nilang variant dito pinas...mahahati na yun mga buyer ng eon, i10, spark, picanto...

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    Quote Originally Posted by timrev View Post
    mukang ok yun pricing ha tska yun dadalhin nilang variant dito pinas...mahahati na yun mga buyer ng eon, i10, spark, picanto...
    nauna na nga lang yang 4, nakabili na yung iba.

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    Apr 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by timrev View Post
    mukang ok yun pricing ha tska yun dadalhin nilang variant dito pinas...mahahati na yun mga buyer ng eon, i10, spark, picanto...
    Ako still undecided, pero onti nlang parang si Mirage na.
    Ive seen reviews of the 2013 Spark, badtrip lang,
    the 2013 model will be available on exhibits this November....
    sa "NORTHERN AMERICA," di tagal pa sa atin.

    I can't wait that long.

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    Jan 2011
    The Mirage is a bit tricky to categorize since it is bigger than typical micro cars like the Hyundai Eon but smaller than subcompact ones like the Honda Jazz.

    sa patipiran nalang ng gas ang labanan

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    Dec 2005

    Malabo sa Jazz ito,- pero sa Fiesta,- puwede pa....


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    Oct 2005

    Mitsubishi Motors Corporation will release on August 31, the compact car "Mirage" new. Yen to 1,288,000 yen price is 998,000.

     Overview of the vehicle previously reported , but as a global compact car on the keywords "" compact "low cost" "low fuel consumption," Mirage, the new juggle "environmentally friendly vehicles in developed countries" and "entry car in emerging markets." Laem Chabang factory production of Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Thailand is responsible, ASEAN countries, after turning to Japan, to introduce in Europe, Australia, the North American market also continued to Thailand from the end of March.

     Mirage's new Japanese specification, "E" of basic equipment, "M" of practical equipment, and "G" of comfortable equipment, grade 3 will be provided mainly to differences in surface equipment. , "M" "G by a combination of one-liter engine and CVT powertrain" 3A90 MIVEC "DOHC 3-cylinder series of newly developed" idling stop function is "to equip (AS & G)" Auto Stop & Go either.

    JC08 mode fuel consumption, 23.2km / L is "E" equipped with non-AS & G. "M" "G" is adopted by AS & G, regenerative braking system, high efficiency alternator, battery, such as intelligent sensors, marking a 27.2km / L. 3A90 is the maximum output of 51kW (69PS) / 6000rpm, maximum torque of 86Nm (8.8kgm) / 5000rpm. Regular gasoline and fuel specification.

     Compact body while body size (height width length), and wheelbase 2450mm 3710 1665 1490mm, has secured a living space that can ride 5. The new Mirage "has to appeal to, along with the vehicle design is easy to grasp the sense of forward vehicle, Toyota" goodness of maneuverability "" Ease of operation, "especially surpass the minimum turning radius of 4.5m Vitz", "Nissan's March" that to achieve 4.4m.

     Exterior design, as well as headlamps to express the kindness and sharp, of some of the intonation hood, rear bumper and features some great character and line up belt line cut through the rear from the front of the body side, a sense of volume. Also performed wind tunnel tests and fluid analysis, aerodynamic performance that boasts a value 0.27 Cd.

     In addition to lemonade yellow metallic body color of a new color, Pop Green Metallic, Cassis metallic purple, cerulean blue mica 8 colors, Red Metallic, White Pearl, Cool Silver Metallic, and Black Mica is set.

    In the interior in addition adopted the instrument panel horizontal tone, the upper surface while giving consideration to visibility forward to molding simple, to produce a sense of openness, and the tone piano black gloss center panel, it also enhances a sense of quality that. Interior color is available in two colors black and ivory, and black.

     In addition to providing a rich store open seat cup holder tray, console tray, front door pockets, front and rear passenger seat and seat back pockets, one possible seating arrangements depending on the load as split folding rear seat 6:4 have to.

     In addition, the standard seat belt with ELR-point 3 SRS Airbag driver's seat and front passenger, seats, UV & heat shield protected the front window glass, and keyless entry system "E" in terms of equipment is the main. "M" is equipped with improved aerodynamic parts, front door glass UV & heat protection, privacy glass with UV cut function, electric retractable door mirrors and remote control in addition to this.

     Stick keyless operation system, the engine switch, immobilizer, silver accents (interior), and auto light control In addition to these "G" further.

    Main specifications
    ー E M / G
    Riding capacity 5 people ー
    Drive system 2WD (FF) ー
    Length Width Height 3710 1665 1490mm ー
    Wheelbase 2450mm ー
    Tread (front / rear) 1430/1415mm ー
    Weight 860kg 870kg
    Engine Liter DOHC 1 "3A90 MIVEC" inline 3-cylinder ー
    Maximum engine output 51kW (69PS) / 6000rpm ー
    Maximum engine torque 86Nm (8.8kgm) / 5000rpm ー
    Transmission INVECS-III-CVT ー
    JC08 mode fuel efficiency 23.2km / L 27.2km / L
    Suspension (front / rear) MacPherson strut / torsion beam ー
    Brake (front / rear) Ventilated disc / trailing greetings ー
    Tires (front / rear) 165/65 R14 ー



    2 DIN audio or 2 DIN audio integrated system

    60/40 folding rear seats

    MID-Range/AS&G/Ave FC/Trip

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    Jul 2012
    Me and the wifey really wants an Eon primarily because of it's fuel efficiency but this is a MITSUBISHI.

    How much would the very base/basic model be? Will it be in the P450,000 range? IF it will be, then I'd wait for it, but if it will pass the threshold of P500,000, then I'll get the Eon now.

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    Jun 2012
    They havent release the price yet. Might as well wait for it

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    Apr 2012

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    Apr 2012

2013 Mitsubishi Mirage