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    Aug 2003
    i just read an article on wherein the police were told na pwede uminom, wag lang malasing. on average, how many bottles of beer can a person drink before getting drunk? i'd imagine that the figure would vary depending on the drinker's "level" -- beginner, novice, master of the malt -- pero on average, ilang bote?

    lahi kasi namin, we can't hold our alcohol. kung uminom man kami e dahil lang sa sankaterbang pilit lang, and at most mga 1/8 glass full B)

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    Dec 2005
    Almost the same here badkuk. A bottle of beer makes me tipsy. So, I never drink any amount of alcohol when I am driving....

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    Oct 2002
    coincidentally i just watched a feature on discovery about alcohol. kaso yung mga pinakita nila sobrang lakas uminom and each person has a different alcohol threshhold. but suffice it to say, even after people were tested and declared legally unfit to drive, majority of them still thought they could drive safely home(and would have done so if it werent for the experiment).

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    Aug 2003
    "drunk" and "stupid" kinda goes hand in hand imho B)

    i think me kinalaman din ata if you drink on an empty stomach? a family friend(a veteran drinker at that) got drunk off his feet after drinking about half a bottle of red wine on an empty stomach. buti na lang he wasn't the type that gets violent when drunk. i was more than ready to strap him to the bed if he was B)

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    Jul 2005
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    Jan 2004
    depende sa tao i guess. on my heydays, could drink up to 15 bottles of san mig light before dozing off. but when i'm driving, i could do up to 6 or 8 bottles, more than that uh well...

    depende rin sa schedule. until very recently, i never got past to my limit (6 that is), lalo na kapag nasimulan na ng 10 pm. damn i hate those 'red eye' schedule. kaya maselan na ako pag-iinom. if i want a quickfix, i go get the strong ice X 2 ang tama nya lalo na kapag problemado at nag-iisa. basta may sisig na pulutan, ayos na! :D

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    Oct 2002
    like the link missz posted, it's a function of BODY WEIGHT. drunk is drunk, regardless of whether you think you can "hold it" or appear to be more normal than other people when they're drunk.

    you'll still be impaired - vision, decision-making, reaction time, etc - which is why you shouldnt get behind the wheel

    as for me, magaling ako diyan sa appearing normal while completely stinko...wag mo lang akong kausapin ng medyo malalim :bwahaha:

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    pwedeng uminom at wag lang malasing? :bwahaha: I'm sorry pero malabo ata yan...

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    May 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by ILuvDetailing
    pwedeng uminom at wag lang malasing? :bwahaha: I'm sorry pero malabo ata yan...
    tsaka kaya nga umiinom para malasing, di ba?

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    Oct 2002
    labo nga...

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X bottles of beer = drunk?