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    Dec 2006
    A lot of us probably landed in this forum because of our interest in cars, but I'm sure that everyone's got other hobbies that they're deeply involved in.

    Lemme start:

    1. Driving - I love out of town trips, twisty roads, and race tracks.

    2. Badminton - it's been my sport since high school

    3. Computers - I enjoy building computers for friends and family

    4. Photography - My creative outlet

    5. Biking - enjoyable cardio exercise

    What are yours?
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    Apr 2014
    1. Building computers
    2. Playing fantasy basketball
    3. My future hobby, biking. Pero kailangan ko pang matuto mag bike. Hehe.

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    Apr 2012
    - driving/engine modification
    - sabong/cockfighting
    - photography
    - practical shooting
    - farming
    - car audio/home theater
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    Jul 2007
    ^Detailing isn't a hobby for you pa?

    - detailing
    - nails
    - make up

    I am planning on boxing again.

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    Apr 2012
    Quote Originally Posted by _Cathy_ View Post
    ^Detailing isn't a hobby for you pa?
    mam cathy i forgot, detailing pa pala

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    Dec 2006
    I wanted to get into detailing din..but our old house's garage had no roof. Yung ngayon naman, walang connection ng hose so walang running water.

    Pag ako nakabili ng bahay kailangan bongga ang garahe haha.

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    Jan 2006
    1. Taking photos (military hardware, places, weather phenomena).

    2. Reading.

    3. Assembling and repairing PCs.

    4. Scale models and dioramas.

    Not really hobbies. But, these are regular activities that can be considered hobbies to some:

    1. Gym - cardio

    2. Soccer, basketball, juggling a soccer ball.

    3. I go to the firing range when I visit home in Nevada. Not here in Arizona though.
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    Sep 2009
    eating peanuts.

    i like smelling asian peanuts.

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    Oct 2012
    Watching movies at a cinema
    Window shopping
    Going through hardware stores
    Collecting things
    Learning about history

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    Jan 2006
    This is also related to scale models as a hobby. I hate to see people throw the box away after they finish assembling a model because there's often good art included. I also collect box art of scale models such as these scanned ones.

    I hate seeing aviation art like these in the trash.

    The top one (A6M5 Zero) is a Hasegawa model kit. The rest are old Otaki kits.

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