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View Poll Results: What pet do you have at home?

30. You may not vote on this poll
  • dog

    17 56.67%
  • cat

    1 3.33%
  • fish

    4 13.33%
  • lobster

    0 0%
  • crab

    0 0%
  • rabbit

    1 3.33%
  • hamster

    1 3.33%
  • guinea pig

    0 0%
  • rat

    0 0%
  • turtle

    0 0%
  • snake

    1 3.33%
  • lizard

    0 0%
  • spider

    0 0%
  • tamagochi

    0 0%
  • insect (other than spider)

    0 0%
  • cow/bull

    0 0%
  • horse

    0 0%
  • pig

    0 0%
  • chicken

    1 3.33%
  • duck

    0 0%
  • bird (other than chicken/duck)

    1 3.33%
  • rock

    3 10.00%
  • Others (kindly mention below)

    0 0%
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  1. Join Date
    Oct 2002

    ay dalmatian ay sobrang harot! grabe! :lol:

  2. Join Date
    Oct 2002
    My wife and I bought our daughter a puppy 4 months ago. Here she is before and after. It's pure bred Dobie. She's very smart and knows all most commands by now. High maintenance biatch, though :lol:

    Four months ago:


  3. Join Date
    Oct 2002
    sa amin naman 1 pitbull, 1 japanese pitz, 1 askal, 1 dalmatian (coming soon) & 4 fishes (koi)

  4. Join Date
    Oct 2002
    4 mos ago?! putcha! bilis lumaki a!...hehe, kaka-aliw yung plastic cup sa ulo! :mrgreen:

    ako, had 2 rottweiler (tama nga ba spelling?). dedo na pareho, sayang bait pa man din, mag-ina pa. ako nagpanganak sa lahat ng litter nila :mrgreen:

    in a few weeks, good to go na ako sa aking 20 gal reef aquarium. hehehe, na-impluwensiyahan ng kaibigan e :mrgreen:

  5. Join Date
    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by mbt

    whoa... illegal yung mga yan diba?

    i don't think so, sir moderator. 's far as i know ang bawal dito e yung piranha

    bad news anyway, powder blue tang and the damsel died due to dead bubble coral poisoning...didn't notice it sooner....tsk tsk sayang 10 months old na sana :cry:

  6. Join Date
    Oct 2002
    I have a male white shepherd.....actually he's looking for a girlfriend na....baka merong kayong kakilala na gusto...even a german shepherd will do....

    he's highly intelligent, prankster sometimes but a reliable guard dog..... we always bring him on out-of-town trip as a body guard so sanay sa long trip.......

  7. Join Date
    Dec 2002
    Burmish Phython...about 8 ft long na... more than 1 yr old :evil:
    Snakehead...2 years...mukha na rin snake
    :twisted: Oscar....2 years din
    :P Paco... more than a year
    African doves.... 2pairs
    :shock: Ants...lots of ants...plenty of ants....
    :D :D :D :D

  8. Join Date
    Oct 2002
    I have.....

    1 persian cat named Snow (since pure white ang fur niya matching her sky blue eyes)

    1 Japanese Spitz Dog......

    2 Oscars (one yellow and one tiger)

  9. Join Date
    Oct 2002

    Spikee, our beloved 2 yo chocolate brown persian died this morning... from complications of gall bladder stones (sand-like actually)
    Nung saturday my sister noticed he was unusually sitting quietly in his litter box for so long. yun pala
    hindi na makaihi. they brought him to the vet and was operated on. it turned out his bladder was
    stretched so much that it got damaged esp the blood vessels. hindi pa rin sya makahihi after the operation.
    he got weaker and weaker and another operation might cost his life na daw. we thought only a miracle
    could save him. ayun, more blood was extracted from his bladder. :cry: he died 9:30am kanina. i was
    at the office and i nearly cried..:cry::cry::cry:

    grabe it's really sad to lose a pet.. parang nawalan ka ng kamag-anak. we treated him like a bunso. i treated
    him like he was a younger baby brother. i really miss him.

    when i got home he was buried na in the front lawn. so far, we
    buried 4 fishes and 2 cats there na.

    :cry: God bless you, Spikee! We miss you!

  10. Join Date
    Nov 2002
    2 shihtzus (2 puppies died =( )
    1 green arowana
    2 red belly piranha

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What pet do you have at home?