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    Oct 2002

    if you get a gun don't hide it from your kid. you know the saying "curiosity killed the cat" di ba. if your kid is curios about it kahit saan mo itago yan hahanapin nya yan at paglalaruan.

    my brother was only 6 years old when i bought my 1st gun, and naturally, as all kids are, he was looking at it from a distance when i brought it home. so, even with my mother's objections, i allowed him to handle the gun (supervised syempre). i told him how it works, how the safeties work, how it is loaded, how to tell if it is loaded and cocked, how it could fire. i even taught him how to disassemble and assemble it. i told him that it was not a toy but something that kills. after that even if i leave the gun on top of his study table he will not touch it without asking me, and only if i show him that it is not loaded. kahit ibigay ko pa sa kanya pag di nya nakita na tinanggal ko yung bala sa chamber he will not touch it. even when left alone with nobody around he will not touch the gun. kasi di na siya curios e, alam na nya. i even took him to the firing range and allowed him to fire a few rounds. now he does not even look at it, its not a novelty anymore.

    the next gun i brought home ganun din ginawa ko. i called him, and naturally he wanted to know how it works since it is a different design from the old one. same result, after he disassembled and assembled dedma na nya.

    same thing when i brought home the m16, but he was not that curios anymore. after i answered all his questions ayun sabi sa akin mas gusto pa daw nya yung Daisy BB gun nya at pwede gamitin ulit yung bala hehehe. he's more into computer games, he does his shooting there na.

    he is 12 years old now, 6 years with guns at home left anywhere i leave it and no accidents. not even once did he try to get the gun without asking or being told to do so. now my mother even tells him to hide my gun if i leave it in the sala. he unloads the magazine, empties the round from the chamber, uncocks the gun, and puts it in the metal box beside the bed. all unsupervised. tiwala na mother ko e, alam nya di gago bunso nya.

    my cousins also did the same, after i gave them the same advice i'm giving you now. my nephews and nieces were even younger than my brother when they bought their guns. ngayon kahit iwananan namin ang gun in the open ni hindi nila tignan. they know what what a gun can do, they know guns are dangerous, they know guns are not toys.

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    Oct 2002
    Originally posted by effone
    Fellow tsikoters,

    what happen to our fellow member (ssaloon) is really a shocking experienced and i think this is the right time to share what we need to do or anything to avoid burglars.

    grabe na ang panahon ngayon, like in our place - a maid was killed after she let 2 men get in for some reasons. This guys took everything and left her lifeless.

    i'll start :

    i suggest, if you can have a guard dog then do so.
    live abroad... like singapore.

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    Oct 2002
    Originally posted by ghosthunter
    live abroad... like singapore.
    even abroad - they also do have their share of these thieves.

    our home hasn't been burgalized YET. here are some tips:

    1. have a see through fence & gate for your front yard. in this way - your neighbors will be able to see what's going on your house. even if it means that you'll lose some privacy.

    2. have dogs! kahit askal yan pwede na yan. tatahol rin yan kapag may strangers.

    3. don't ever come out of the house when there are strangers. we usually speak to strangers through the window of our house (since the gate is quite near).

    4. always lock your gates! kung hindi naman gabi at maraming tao - kahit yung di pindot lang. deterent rin yan.

    5. have double locks, deadbolt locks and whatever installed on your doors.

    6. wag na wag ninyong iwan ang bahay na walang tao. yan ang purpose ng maid talaga. nung nawalan kami ng maid - oras lang kung mawalan ng tao sa bahay. ang technique ko rin jan is to turn on the tv and have it slightly faced towards the road. tapos may naka on na electric fan. para kunwaring may natutulog.

    7. be friends with your neighbors. always look out for each other's house.

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    Oct 2002
    teka anu bng nangyari ke mikko? (ssaloon)

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    Oct 2002
    pinasok yung bahay nila. may thread siya sa dito sa pitstop

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    Oct 2002
    pinasukan yung bahay nila ssaloon ng madaming chicks! ayun nagkagulo at madaming nawalang mga bagay

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    Oct 2002
    Yong airguns legal bang dalhin sa car?

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    Oct 2002
    ingatan muna ang aso, kasi samin pati aso ninanakaw buti na lang askal yung ninakaw

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    Oct 2002
    For me I have the following for the prevention:

    1. Surveilance camera installed in front of the house and at the back. Even at night it can clearly see those people coming near the gate (of course with little light on outside). The camera is very visible sa tao.
    2. The camera (front one) is hooked to video recorder that that records video for 980 hours straight using 1 VHS tape.
    3. I have an alarm system in the house which I always turn on at night. It has an IR sensor just to make sure.
    4. It has a panic button installed a different area in the house that can be activated anytime.
    5. It has a dialler that call my relative once the alarm is activated.
    6. The alarm bell is so load that the whole neighbors will definitely be warned.

    And lastly kinaibigan ko yung mga kapitbahay mo para tulungan ka if somethings happen.

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    Jan 2004
    Pinasok din yung apartment namin last year. Walang silbi yung guwardiya, kasi lately nalaman ko na inside job. Yung isang worker pala ang salarin.

    I wasn't there when it happened, but I would think that since it's just a small place, more locks would've done the trick.

    I would've wanted to invest in nice motion sensing devices with alarms or time-lapse video recording pero saka na yon.

    A gun would be nice, but only useful if you're at home when it happens. Plus better to give away material possessions than fight it out unless they're raping you or your loved one.

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