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    Apr 2004
    Fellow tsikoters,

    what happen to our fellow member (ssaloon) is really a shocking experienced and i think this is the right time to share what we need to do or anything to avoid burglars.

    grabe na ang panahon ngayon, like in our place - a maid was killed after she let 2 men get in for some reasons. This guys took everything and left her lifeless.

    i'll start :

    i suggest, if you can have a guard dog then do so.

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    Apr 2004
    kahit gaano kahigpit ang security system, makakapasok ang mga magnanakaw pag pinapasok.

    wag kalimutan i-educate yung mga helpers at lahat ng taong bahay para di basta basta nagpapapasok. yung iba siguro diyan, nililigawan pa yung helpers para makuha yung tiwala at information, tapos papasukin.

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    Oct 2002
    The only thing that comes to my mind is vigilance . Be aware of who's who and what's what within your neighborhood.

    I personally know a family who has two dobermans and a german shepherd but their house was still burglarized, not just once. But I would still recommend to have a guard dog.

    Always make it a habit to close the gates, bolt the doors even during daytime.

    Before retiring at night, be sure that you've checked that all doors are locked & bolted.

    And never, never open the gates/doors to a stranger.

    That's about the most an ordinary household can do.
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    Oct 2002
    install a motion sensor with spot light sa front & back ng house.
    meron sa handyman at ace hardware nito.
    meron rin motion sensor with alarm that you can place sa stairs or living room.

    also install an intercom sa gate para hindi na lalapit ang mga inday kapag may kumakatok.
    natututukan sila kapag lumapit.

    avoid too much plants around the house for them to hide and wait for you to wake up and open the door.

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    Mar 2004
    Nanakawan kami a few months ago and we were thinking of different options. One option was taasan yung fence another option that was to get a dog (this was my preferred option because i wanted one for the longest time). we finally came to the decision of just getting a dog.

    We bought a dobermann and i'm very happy in getting that breed. very agressive towards strangers and very playful with my family

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    Jun 2004

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    Mar 2004
    bale wala lang ang guard dog or security system. Alam nyo ba pano nakakapasok ang mga bulglars? 2 common way:

    Aabangin nila yung maid mo. Stalking her to see what time she comes in and out. Pagtapos, tututukin lang ang maid mo, free pass na sila.

    Second way is to stalk YOU and your family. lalabas pa lang kayo, 3 guys aabang sa front door, tutuk baril at your face. What are you gonna do? Scream? Even if nasa garage ka, driving out, they'll jump out the moment you open the door, tututukin ka lang ng baril, I guarantee you'll stop. You're not faster than bullets.

    A good solution would be to buy a P2,000 camera sa raon and install it outside your house, maybe 1 camera for each blind side. Wire it to a P500 portable TV. You have instant view of your house at any time. Makikita ninyo din kung sino nagtatambay sa harap ng house ninyo.

    Makes it a habit na kung may tao sa bahay at lalabas yung maid mo para mamalengke, she's not allowed to carry the keys with her. kailangan niyang kumatok muna bago pumasok. this way, you could look at the camera first before you let her in.

    Most people I know that get robbed, lagi ang maid ang kasalanan. hindi nila sinasadya of course. pero yak yak ng yak yak to people around the neighborhood. siya ang accessible ng mga crooks. siya ang madaling takutin. She also doesn't care because it's not her money ang mawawala.

    Kung gusto mo security, live in a condo that enforce strict policy concerning visitors. Gaano kalakas ang loob mo kung dadaan ka sa 2 securiy guards, elevator operator, all the janitors, in and out?

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    Oct 2002
    Surveillance Cams!

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    Oct 2002
    1.) get a gun and make sure everyone knows that you have it. dati sa parents ko almost every month nanakawan ang kotse nila o ng kapitbahay. also may umakyat na dun sa kapitbahay nila twice. when i bought a gun i made sure that i cleaned it outside the house, in front where everyone can see. did that for several months, every week, linis ng baril in front of the house. ever since wala na nagnanakaw kina erpats o sa neighbor nila, even though i don't live there anymore.

    2. another thing you can do is make sure the surroundings are well lighted. it does not take much, isang 15 watt pl lamp lang sa front ng house and another at the back. better to position the lights at the house corners para covered ang 4 corners ng house kahit 2 lights lang install mo. turn it on at 9pm, off at 6am. burglars hate well lighted places.

    3. get a motion sensor as mentioned above. cost is a bit high for the complete system with central controls, but you can always just buy the single infrared units that you can install inside the house. this is what we have, 3 of these that we turn on every night and turn off in the morning. position them in most likely ingress points, like the front and back doors, and the veranda if your house has one. sa amin we have 1 facing the front door in the sala, 1 in the kitchen facing the door, and 1 in the hallway. cost was about P1500 each sa ace hardware.

    4. if you have 2nd floor windows that are accessible because there is a roof below it, then make sure that window has grills or that the window itself can't be opened. for example, they sell at ace hardware those yale window dead bolts. put the key somewhere near the window for emergencies but not in a place that someone from the outside can see it. that is also another place where you can put the motion sensors.

    5. if you can't afford motion sensors, then a simple push button normally closed switch will do. connect this to a doorbell buzzer or bell. make sure the buzzer is 6 volts so it can have dual power, from a 220V:6V transformer or from batteries. you can install these on all your doors and windows, several switches all wired to one buzzer.

    6. there are also small magnetic switches powered by button cell batteries. this is what i have istalled in all doors and windows kina erpats. just have to remember to replace the batteries once a year.

    6. if your maid is so bobo that she keeps forgetting what you tell her to do or not to do, get another maid. preferably ***y and beautiful that the subdivision security guard will always be passing by your house to check on her or one so ugly that even the world's most fearless robbers willnot dare go near.

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    Oct 2002
    ako merong labrador retriever sa house. kaya lang lahat ng tao, maski ngayon lang nya nakita eh dinidilaan ang kamay..

    i would also like to get a gun, kaya lang hindi ko alam kung pano itatago sa anak ko.

    pareng yebo, i like your last suggestion.

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