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    Feb 2006
    Si Aileen. Magaling kasi ako sa Math.

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    Sep 2003
    Kaso di ako makaka-attend eh........., pero, kung may chance.....eto

    - yung mga ka BGK ko (tsaka mga Ostrich!)
    - yung mga big time mods (Jedi, M2, PK, Boybi, Nicolodeon)
    - yung "bagong laya", si OB
    - si TsikotBabe (most sought after yung pic nya dati)
    - si Aileen at si Mommy Cow

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    May 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by BoEinG_747 View Post
    ako din brod Galant

    potek na Emoticon iyan ...parang may halong pag nanasa
    Yang emoticon na yan ang wala akong katiwa-tiwala andaming ibig sabihin :naughty2:

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    May 2006
    Kahit sino sa inyo happy na ako...if only I could go. I'm in the province kasi eh

    But then if by some twist-of-fate I do make it, I'd first like to meet...

    Priority list :

    Jedi - because he is "The One"
    Otep - I'll ask ChocNut from him
    Nicolodeon - Cool Mod
    theveed - because he is "the man"
    mazdamazda - cool mod and one of the pioneers
    morissey - the more you ignore me, the closer I get..
    Niky - because I still have a million questions about rides for him
    x_jason_x - to see his ride's rims hehe.
    carlocaraddict - swap car pics with him
    bluebimmer - want to see his bimmer
    ghosthunter - ask for his photo sources
    mamichula - another cool babe!
    ladyrider - chance to touch the vera cruz
    cargirl - follow-up my orders hehe

    all complete with photo ops and autographs :naughty2:
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    Nov 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by niky View Post

    I want to meet our most famous survivor...

    Na-meet ko na kasi in real life si Mr.LPG, Ghosthunter... ang number one fan ng Top Gear... :lol:

    wanna meet the only person going north while everybody else is going south. dying to meet you, bestfriend OB

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    Feb 2007
    Ako rin, kahit sinong tsikoteer.

    Ang importante kse is magkakila-kilala tayong lahat at magmahalan!!!

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    May 2004
    i havent signed yet. i am waiting for OB's confirmation.

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    Jan 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by red07 View Post
    Ako rin, kahit sinong tsikoteer.

    Ang importante kse is magkakila-kilala tayong lahat at magmahalan!!!
    I am sooo resisting the urge to respond to this. heeeheeeheee.

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    Aug 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by silver streak View Post
    i want to meet whoever is tsikoteer at BIG BERT's
    i want to meet hot_chick27--meron pa ako request sa kanya na hindi pa niya give sa akin
    i want to meet the other tsikoteers

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    May 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by Flagg View Post
    Si Aileen. Magaling kasi ako sa Math.
    fafa flagg sino ba si Aileen ...lagi mo sia binibida ?

    gusto ko ma meet sa EB ..iyon mag aangkas sa akin at mag lilibre doon sa Hula Hula restaurant :evillaugh:

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which tsikoteer do you want to meet at the EB?