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    Aug 2004
    Kamusta na po kayong lahat. May tanong lang ako sa inyo po. Sana po merong nakakaalam dito.

    Nasa abroad po ako ngayon, at nung January nagbakasyon ako sa Pinas. Bumili ako ng lupa po and ang usapan namin ay huhulugan ko yung lupa at matatapos sya this July po.

    Ang tanong ko po ay, pwede ko ba itransfer yung lupa sa name ko maski andito ako sa abrpoad? Andun naman po yung nanay ko sa Pinas na pwedeng magasikaso. Kaso pwede po ba yun? Ano po yung mga kailangang gawin? Napakamahal ng tiket ng eroplano ngayon. Nasa 2,000 dollars balikan.

    salamat po sa may alam at makakasagot.

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    Oct 2008
    Yes, that's legally possible, especially if the vendor is in the Philippines with the transaction concluded also here. Also, for the realty to be registered in your name, the Deed of Sale must also be in your name as the vendee or buyer.

    Tell your mother to:
    1. Go to the assessor's office. Get a clearance from this office.
    2. go to the BIR, under which the realty is situated. Bring with her documents such as the the Deed of Sale, Affidavit of Adjacent lot owners (in some revenue offices, this is not asked), title of the realty, assessor's cert.
    3. Pay the capital gains tax. Must be paid within one year from the execution of the deed of sale. After one year, you'll be saddled with penalty and surcharges. The BIR will give your mother a TIN application form. They will assess your tax due. Pay. When paid, they will give you a certificate authorizing registration.
    4. Bring the title and certificate authorizing reg of the BIR to the Registry of Deeds. Wait. Sometimes, it takes time. But if the registry is red tape free, you can get it within ten days.
    5. Don't let the fixers do the job for you. The procedure is that simple.
    6. Good luck!

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