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    good to hear that you and your family are ok, its the most important thing...

    You'll bounce back

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    May 2006
    Inspiring survivor's tale, sir N. I wish I could handle ordeals like you could without breaking. I guess it has to do with your experience and maturity, faith perhaps?

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    Aug 2004
    good to know that you & your family are safe. there will always be "storms" that we have to go through in life. what's important is you weathered the "storm" and remain standing after...

    a true sign of a...

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    Aug 2005
    grabeng pagsubok yan sir niky. pero i know malalagpasan mo din yan.

    to borrow a quote from one of tsikoteers...

    " What doesn't kill you, would made you stronger".

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    Mar 2006
    keep your chin up bro. it's obvious anything thrown at you, you can handle

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    Nov 2002
    nakakatakot nga, actually its more of fear for the family, your childrens welfare and safety...

    imo, if your place floods rally bad on heavy rains, transfer your location if you cant transfer, predict or pulse it when there would be a strong rain, pack your things and proceed to your nearest comfortable hotel(with generator for convenience) for thouse whi have thei family and kids, apart of your saving(tuition, home needs), there are also something called emergency savings and this will fall undee this occasions

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    Aug 2004
    Actually, naging complacent nga ako. I have fire extinguishers for fire (But the last house fire was too strong for our hand-helds, sadly), first aid kits, etcetera... but it's been so long since we've had a flood, I'd forgotten to keep things handily packed.

    Can't transfer the building... it's an apartmenthouse serving the school, but once I get the money, I'm buying a house.

    RE: Carmona: diyan nga galing yung flood. GMA ka nalang, even though it's a bit further through traffic... it's very high up. Our school there suffered only wind damage (pero tanggal ang lahat ng bubong) so as long as you bolt the roof down tight, you're okay.

    RE: Business: My extended family owns the school (I own probably 1/50th of it... but only after the previous generation passes on) and my Mom, Dad and I own the printing press. It's a small operation, but it means a lot to me to keep it running.

    RE: Experience: Well, besides what's happened to my house...

    -I've had a car drowned in flood... twice.
    -I've been batted about the head by frat-boys... ten hits, ten stitches.
    -I've had tear gas cannisters flying at me as I walked to school in the middle of a protest rally. (Damn ****ing radicals... puro mga madre pa ang nadale dun sa gulong ginawa nila!)
    -I've had guns pointed at me.
    -I've been beaten up by six foot tall Chinese basketball players... just kidding... but their defense was so tight, it felt like they were beating me up.

    I guess I must be Popeye by now.


    But really, I'm kinda happy that things aren't so bad. We're going to clean out the house a bit later, but for the meantime, I'm sitting here in the office in muddy shoes, shorts and an old T-shirt. Haven't trimmed my beard in a week. I've got cuts all over. I look like I just walked in off a Survivor Episode, but I don't mind... I've got airconditioning.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Oct 2002
    Experienced 7ft flood din 6 years ago or so, nung year ng Cherry Hill, until we moved out of Cainta 2 years ago, any trickle I hear sa roof gave me creeps of flooding...

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    Aug 2004
    Utsa... you lived there? Scary stuff...

    I'm looking around... halos chest level yung watermarks sa mga ibang building namin. I can imagine that the water was probably ten feet deep in the lower lying areas of our town.

    Sobra talaga ang damage. We're starting class again on the 16th. Kawawa ang mga students... ibig sabihin noon, no sem-break.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Sep 2005
    I'm really glad to hear you and your family are well Sir Niky!

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