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    Apr 2006
    respect is definetly earned sa mga kaibigan man or sa boss yung imposed parang plastic na respect lng yun you just show that you respect the person pero sa loob looban mo miumura mo sya

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    Dec 2005
    Respect should be earned....


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    Mar 2005
    pag di ka nagmamadali, respect earned. otherwise, respect imposed

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    May 2004
    agree with m2. medyo vague yung word na "respect". sabi nga ni yebo, depende sa situation. you can mistaken it for discipline. eto medyo vague din pero minsan napapaisip ako sa sabi ng late father ko. "Kung gusto mo maging santo, magmilagro ka muna ". nasa iyo na interpretasyon nyan. pwede discipline or earned respect.
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    Sep 2004
    respect is always earned
    if imposed, its usually synonymous with discipline.

    sabi nga ni major winters sa band of brothers
    "Captain, salute the rank not the man"

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    Dec 2005
    depende nga yan, pero da best is earned.

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    May 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by yebo View Post
    i think you confuse respect with discipline.

    to teach a child "respect" is not the same as teaching the child to say "po" and "opo". it is something that is taught by example, like when the parent shows respect to the grandparents and to other people. it is also not the same as telling the child to follow what is told because obedience is not the same as respect either. rather it is showing the child first that what is told is right, rational and morally upright. only when the child learns that what the elder is doing is "respectful" will that child show respect to the elder.
    so true, remember the story of the child being asked by her mother to sit down?

    the mother said "sit down". the child said "I won't". the mother repeated "I said sit down!" with a louder tone. the child replied, "i will not". The mother finally said "sit down!" while holding her slipper and pointing it to the child. the child finally sat down but said "I may be sitting down but i'm standing up on the inside!"


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    Oct 2004
    Kind of hard to stand up with two broken legs......


    Edit I earn respect by using a big stick........ :hysterical:

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    Jun 2005
    Neither, as it is inherent. Respect is accorded to your parents, leaders/bosses, others, other's opinion, etc.

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respect: earned or impose?