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    my condolences sir.

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    Jan 2004
    Had a similar experience when my grandma died on the night before I was going to take my controllership exam during my MBA in UP. Only passed when I mentioned to Prof. Echanis (she still teaches in the UP college of business administration) that I had dedicated that exam to my grandma as she died the night before. Couldn't really understand why i didn't do well in that subject but still graduated number 2 in my batch.
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    Oct 2002
    condolences bro.
    but as they say, when it rains, it really pours..

    i remember around 6 years ago, while i was spearheading a Y2K project dito sa office. sunod-sunod ang overnight for the test/audit. so talagang hindi ako umuuwi. it was november 1999. in the midst and in the peak of preparations, namatay lola ko. and yung lola kung yun is yung nag-alaga sa akin while i was around 4-5 YO so talagang close kami.

    masakit nito, hindi ako pinaalis ng boss ko dito sa office. nung lamay and libing, hindi ako nakapunta. nagalit pa nga sa akin nanay ko nun eh.

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    Jan 2006
    my condolences and prayers for your famly...

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    Oct 2005
    my condolences mbeige. be strong .

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    Aug 2005
    my condolences sir mbeige...

    naalala ko din tuloy lola ko (mother side). ako kasi favorite na apo nun dahil me & my brother lang yung pinanganak sa haws nila...

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    Oct 2002
    I know the feeling..... I also lost my grandma decades ago while I am also taking my final exams and away from her...She's my favorite lola coz she's the one I'm always with specially kapag me sakit ako nung maliit pa ako, she's always with me since I came into this world....she's like my 2nd mother...

    Honestly, I am devastated at that time.....but I know I have to move forward and just remember the good wisdom she imparts with me....Now I knew that my grandma and my mom are together in the same place....... sometimes, when I'm alone and reflecting on what I have done with my life so far, I cant help but miss my parents and my grandma....things are a lot better if they are still around.

    mbeige, you have to be strong and accept that all your love ones specially older family members will not stay with you forever....... and soon it will be our turn to leave our loved ones, so as for the meantime, whenever you can, make them feel how much you care and show your love to them so that there will be no emptiness inside you if someone whom you love suddenly left...

    Take if from me bro....been there and it hurts everytime....

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    May 2005
    condolence bro mbeige,

    same situation sa exam.

    nasa hospital kami ng gabi lahat .may sakit pa si erpat .
    kinabukasan may exam ako .
    calculcus pa (potek na subject iyan at terror na prof)
    di pa ako nakakareview.nag papaalam ako na uuwi lang ako sandali para magreview ,pero ayaw pumayag ng may sakit.stay daw muna ako ,
    pero tumakas ako kasi natatakot din ako sumabit sa exam ko ..

    ginawa ko tumakas ako.para makapag review lang
    after two hours hanap nila ako balik daw ako sa hospital.
    .kasi naghihingalo na si erpat...balik agad ako dala ko na gamit ko sa school

    pagdating na pagdating ko sa room ng hospital
    .pagkawak ko lang ng kamay nia
    .pumikit na ang mata , at ilan seconds lang mejo malamig na ang mga kamay
    parang ako lang hinihintay niya

    . hirap ako di makafocus sa hirap ng exam at sa puyat at naguilty nga at umalis ako ..

    awa ng Diyos nakapasa ako sa exam at nailibing si erpat after 3 days

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    Jun 2006
    my condolences to you and your family..

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    Apr 2004
    condolence po

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