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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by Isuzoom View Post
    My tip.....get a citibank or BPI creditcards statements or active savings account, they have access info to some banks
    They even knew the make and model of my car.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by yourman View Post
    Also, I think the consuls are psychiatrist/psychologist and know how to read people's reactions, facial expressions, and body language to tell if they are lying or not.

    Wearing the proper attire sure helps but its the real intention of the applicant (whether to be a tourist or tnt) that the consul will see thru the facade of the applicant. They dont really rely on the documents the applicants submit because these can be doctored anyway.

    But ofcourse, luck really plays a big role getting a visa or not.

    Even while waiting in line for your turn to be interviewed, the consuls are already reading your body language, whether you are relaxed or tensed.

    Ofcourse, these are my thoughts only..
    I think this is true... Pero in my case, I was renewing my passport after more than 10 years! I just wore a polo shirt (or golf shirt, whatever you call it), jeans and sandals. My dad went with me carrying all the documents I needed including pictures, etc. because the one in my old passport was when I was still a kid. When the consul called me, he just told me that my features didn't really change and he was certain that I am really who I am. When he asked me to swear, I noticed that he was really looking at me as if he was studying my face. Napansin din siya ng dad ko. He said that the consul was trying to tell if I was telling him the truth daw and that if I am not pretending to be someone else.

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    Sep 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by ghosthunter View Post
    It's just smart casual for me when I had my interview at the US Embassy. Got a 10 yr visa.
    Me too. Naka-casual dress din ako noon. Nabigyan din ako ng 10 yr. visa, multiple re-entry. By the way, I got my visa from the US Embassy in Singapore, hindi sa atin.

    Swertehan lang siguro......yung katabi kong Pinoy na kuntodo kurbata at alahas pa, denied.

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    May 2006
    Got my first US Visa when I was just a student. Naka school uniform ako ng pumunta sa Embassy. School ID and registration lang ang hiningi sa akin. Sinabihan pa nga ako ng consul na magsuklay ng buhok at parang galing sa PE sad to say di ko nagamit yong visa, ayaw bumiyahe ng lola ko.
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    Jan 2007
    same her, naka polo shirt & jeans lang me (US and Japan).both approved

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    Aug 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by cutedoc View Post
    when i had my interview i wore a polo shirt and a jeans, important thing is you look clean no matter what you wear, present yourselves with a good and positive attitude, it counts more than what you are wearing, though what you wear will somehow matter.

    i wont wear a suit on the interview, first beacause its very hot in the interview hall, the area is so crowded, i will wear something comfortable yet neat. smart casual is more like it.

    meorn akong nakita dun sa interview andaming alahas na suot, tapos meorn pang kasamang yaya, matrona ata yun, naka gucci na dami at LV na bag, yun ang ok holdapin hehehe
    Interview or audition?

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    Oct 2002
    kalokohan yan sa suot na damit....naka jeans din ako at short sleeves polo.. when I had my interview sa US embassy, and it was the same when I had my renewal...approved naman question din on both occasions...

    and I don't believe din sa need to have the proper documents, and siyemre yun circumstances mo dito..

    ewan ko kung ganun pa rin ngayon sa US embassy, before ka pumasok doon sa consul mismo diba meron ng isang window doon na tumitingin ng mga requirements mo then kukunin na yun application...doon pa lang step 1 na yun, before ka pa mainterview ng consul, alam na niya kung denied ka, approve...kaya nga meron iba wala ng questions approved kaagad or yun iba naman wala rin questions denied na...

    for me, na group na nila mga applicants.... 1st group would be yun mga automatic approved, second group automatically denied and the 3rd group is yun mga 50/50 this groups sila yun maraming tanong sa consuls kung ma satisfied nila yun mga tanong approved sila kung hinde denied....

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    Aug 2005
    sa interview ng daughter ko under 2 yrs old during that time, kami ng wife ko pumunta...tanong ng consul about coffee and basketball.... He gave my daughter 5 years.

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    Aug 2007
    nung ng apply kmi ng visa. what we made sure was that all our docs were complete and in order. iniwasan tlga nmin mga smudges and erasures. kelangn din alam mo lahat ng nilagay nyo sa docs...

    dressing up does help pro its not necessary. just make sure ur presentable. ur demeanor when you walk thru the door matters more(nung interview ko inisip ko n lng was that i have nothing to hide kya bkit ako matatakot sa knila, and besides ako yng gagastos sa bansa nila. hahaha....)

    ...may mga consul na mukhang masungit pro usually sinasadya lng nila yun to throw applicants off guard. pg hindi ka nmn natakot and magustuhan nila first impression nila s'yo hindi ka nila msyado kukulitin. dun p lng nkpgdecide n kgd cla if they'll approve ur application. formalities n lng yng interview. nkktawa yng sa mama ko kse mga tanong ng consul puro tungkol sa suot nya (she makes clothes for a living kse). preho kmi 10 year multiple entry. these days, that consul gets in touch with her pg my gusto syang pagawa na dresses or gowns. hahaha....

    oo nga pla, make sure you say ur courtesies and drop a simple compliment before you sit down....

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    Oct 2002
    just look presentable.

    yung iba kasi OA.

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Proper Attire During Embassy Interviews