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    Dec 2003
    nice, tips para kung mag apply kme ng visa, suotin ko ung suit ko sa kasal :rofl:

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    Jun 2005
    I agree with smart casual, the least you can go. I used my office long sleeves barong uniform with slack during my interview. Ayun, 10 years..

    Its better to be over dressed than under dressed during this interview. As advised by a travel agent, Guys at least should wear slacks and clean leather shoes with polo (long sleeves preferably) or barong. Tie and coat is an option. For ladies, i think slacks or skirt plus semi formal blouse at the least with good shoes and bag. It pays to have minimal make-up too.

    Also, I think the consuls are psychiatrist/psychologist and know how to read people's reactions, facial expressions, and body language to tell if they are lying or not.

    Wearing the proper attire sure helps but its the real intention of the applicant (whether to be a tourist or tnt) that the consul will see thru the facade of the applicant. They dont really rely on the documents the applicants submit because these can be doctored anyway.

    But ofcourse, luck really plays a big role getting a visa or not.

    Even while waiting in line for your turn to be interviewed, the consuls are already reading your body language, whether you are relaxed or tensed.

    Ofcourse, these are my thoughts only..

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    May 2006
    Balita ko maluwag daw these days, yung friend ko nag apply last week approved buong pamilya 10 years multiple entry. Yung mga kasabayan daw nila halos lahat approved. Gusto ko na sana mag apply kaso walang plano gamitin pa in the near future, pag ganun daw na di mo ginamit di na daw mabibigyan uli. Tama ba?

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    Oct 2002
    smart casual will do.
    ako pag may embassy interviews (not necessarily US embassy lang), i just wear a short sleeved polo shirt and casual slacks.

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    Nov 2005
    Some of them (consul) might consider your attire but final decision depends on their moods. Sala sa init at lamig sila. Well, we canít blame them. Many of us has outsmarted them.

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    Oct 2002
    Well, the first impression counts a lot. Me, I was just dressed in smart casual when I got my visa. Of course, the consular officer won't grant you a visa based on what you're wearing alone. A lot depends also on the answers you give.

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    Nov 2002
    smart casual lang pwede na.

    your attire does matter pero palagay ko depende sa consul na matapat sa 'yo, kasi ako I once tried to apply for a visa for a business trip - lahat ng documents dala ko (invitation from teh US Office, Certificate of employment, bank statements, etc.) pero pag dating sa consult ni di tiningnan yun mga documents na dala ko. she just asked me why do you want to go to the US, told here that my Employer's HQ invited me to attend a 2-week seminar to be held in Duncan, sabi lang sa akin I'm sorry I can't grant you a visa right now. tapos! i just thought to myself maybe she woke up on the wrong side of the bed that day.

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    Oct 2002
    I don't think it matters...

    if it matters... then every Juan & Maria appying for a visa is now wearing a 3-piece suit.

    What matters is that you have a valid reason to visit the US, have the right demographic profile and lastly (if needed) in a good & stable financial standing (so that you won't go TNT).

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    May 2007
    I agree with yourman regarding consuls as "psychiatrists and psychologists". Kase kahapon nga I am just observing how they look at you straight in the eye. Gusto nila ng eye contact at dapat very spontaneous ang mga sagot mo...
    Iwasan dapat ang mga words like: "um.. eh...err... i guess... maybe... etc." Dun pa lang minus points ka na sa kanila!
    Yung isang naka barong nga kahapon, pinalabas lahat ng documents nya lalu na mga titolo ng properties and asked the applicant: "Is this really yours?" and the applicant said, "Yes!" Pero in the end, ayun "denied" pa rin!
    Nakakaawa rin kase yung iba talaga valid din ang mga reasons. Like my friend na dying na ang dad nila sa states due to cancer. She and her sister applied for a visa together with the documents given by the hospital in the states pero ayun na deny sila kaya all they can do now is literally cry!

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    Aug 2005
    it is the interview matters not the looks....just wear smart casual.

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Proper Attire During Embassy Interviews