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    May 2007
    Let us remember that when we are applying for visas in the different Embassies in the Philippines, we are stepping inside their territory and one way to show our respect to their territory is to dress properly. Don't you agree?
    It's just like when you visit a friends house or the house of your boss, you should wear something that is appropriate! Because, again, that is their place and property. So, we should dress, act accordingly and show our respect!
    If we repect other people, we will also gain their respect in return!

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    Jan 2007
    Agree, dress to impress na lang. Kahit sa school ayoko, pero when I go out with friends sa gimikan longsleeves ako talaga fit na jeans/black pants and black italian shoes hahahaha it never failed me pa compared dun sa iba na kala mo pumunta lang ng mall.

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    Oct 2002
    Medyo OT lang. My late uncle who was a priest (Monsignor) in a town un north once applied for a US visa to visit his siblings. Yung consul ask if he had a rosary with him, sabi niya wala, ayun, denied agad, di na daw siya humirit pa, tutal di naman daw siya keen in going to US Back to the topic, wala sa suot yan, it is how you carry yourself during the interview. Kung OA pa nga ang suot mas pagdududahan ka pa e. Naka suit ka during the summer months in the Phillipines? di yata proper attire yan

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    May 2007
    Mukhang puros sa US Embassy lahat ng experiences ang nababasa ko dito ah? (hhehehehe)

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by LadyRider View Post
    Mukhang puros sa US Embassy lahat ng experiences ang nababasa ko dito ah? (hhehehehe)

    Applied rin sa Japanese Embassy, still wearing my polo barong. Just imagine kung ano suot ng mga ibang tao doon.

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    Sep 2004
    Yung boss namin, mayaman, six figures ang monthly salary, may magagarang sasakyan, may mga titulo sa lupa, may sariling driver at may malaking deposit sa banko. Nung nagpunta sa interview with the consul, dressed to the nines. Pero ang ending, denied pa din. Hindi na daw tiningnan yung mga papeles nya. Since 1st time nyang magpunta, medyo nag-falter sa mga sagot, kaya hindi na-impress yung consul.

    I guess its not what you wear, but what's inside your head that counts.

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    Mar 2007
    just be yourself. Siyempre kailangan din pa-impress. sabi nga nila first impression last. Huwag naman po ung barong na gusot mayaman. Gusot pa din ang dating. A semi-formal would be appropriate. Others kasi wore the boring black suit. Ang mga suit po may binabagayan din.

    Further be sure na clean ka . free from "muta", dumi sa mukha especially fingernails. remember that the person behind the glass knows nothing about you and is judging you from a certain perspective. :office:

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    Oct 2002
    keep it coming guys, my brother is inviting me and wifey to LA.

    Well hindi naman kami atat pumunta sa US, but we're thinking of taking on my brothers offer.

    So all these experiences you guys are posting is giving me an insight of how it is during an interview.

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    Aug 2005
    tama be yourself and act like your are not hiding something. Magaling sila magtingin ng tao lalo na bad day ang consul. They assume na every visa applicants are going TNT kaya no more pretending na madatung etc,etc....

    My tip.....get a citibank or BPI creditcards statements or active savings account, they have access info to some banks

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    Nov 2002
    when i had my interview i wore a polo shirt and a jeans, important thing is you look clean no matter what you wear, present yourselves with a good and positive attitude, it counts more than what you are wearing, though what you wear will somehow matter.

    i wont wear a suit on the interview, first beacause its very hot in the interview hall, the area is so crowded, i will wear something comfortable yet neat. smart casual is more like it.

    meorn akong nakita dun sa interview andaming alahas na suot, tapos meorn pang kasamang yaya, matrona ata yun, naka gucci na dami at LV na bag, yun ang ok holdapin hehehe

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Proper Attire During Embassy Interviews