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    Aug 2003
    Peeps, patanong lang...

    Our house has a concrete wall about 8 feet tall, and i'm thinking about raising it to about 15 feet. i'm planning to use plants as a semi-permanent hedge. i'm planning to dig up a trench in the concrete flooring about 1 foot wide so i can plant there, and then somehow put a brace somewhere where i can tie down the treess/plants for extra support. i don't want to use the really big plants/trees as they could take out the wall in a typhoon, so my choices are:

    1. Bamboo
    2. Indian tree
    3. Creeping vine + wood/bamboo fence or grid for the vines to creep on.

    What do you guys think, workable ba?


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    Mar 2008
    The bamboo looks like a good choice, as it knows how to grow upward in a straight manner. Just be mindful where the leaves fall. I have seen some homeowners who used a net as a sort of skirt to catch the leaves from falling to the neighbor's property..

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    Jul 2007
    We have bamboo on our perimeter. None fell during Glenda. I forgot the type of bamboo na mahulog ang dahon. Don't get that one

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    Jul 2006
    I'd go for bamboo. I use them at home to cover our yard fence. Planted outside in plant boxes. On the corners I have potted Budda bamboo.

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    Sep 2003
    check your foundation baka hindi kayanin nang 15feet ang 100kph na hangin.

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    Dec 2005
    Of the three, I'd go for bamboo... Had them on one side of our garden wall, which is about eight feet tall... Looks real neat... And not a real danger if they fall...

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    Oct 2006
    bamboos get troublesome by the time you want to get rid of it. it's unkillable!
    Damn, son! Where'd you find this?

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    Nov 2009
    Just like any grass, you need to uproot to kill it. Problem with bamboos, snakes likes breeding in the roots plus they make creepy noise when branches rub against each. The kawayang tinik the one used to make bamboo chairs are the sturdiest and the hardest to maintain..

    My vote goes with Mahogany or Gmilina both have strong roots, an excellent windbreaker if properly trimmed.

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    Aug 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by CLAVEL3699 View Post
    check your foundation baka hindi kayanin nang 15feet ang 100kph na hangin.
    sir you mean yung concrete wall namin? Nasa interior naman po yung bahay namin, so di kami binabalya ng hangin directly. i don't intend to use the hedge as a windbreak, more of harang lang from the noise and smoke from the neighbor's generator. From time to time kung anu ano pa ang ginagawa sa tapat namin kaya maingay/makalat/mausok.

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    Aug 2003
    nag experiment ako last year with bamboo, problem is i put it in a pot, kaya di rin masyado tumataas. It got knocked over during Glenda :p

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