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    Oct 2002
    Eto, may isa na naman akong maikakahiya at yari na naman ang mga pinoy na kumukuha ng security clearance.

    Reuters/ABC news
    The White House said it was cooperating with an investigation into Leandro Aragoncillo, who worked in the vice president 's office and has been charged with supplying classified reports to the Philippines.

    This idiot probably thought he was doing the anti-GMA people a favor.

    How did the suspicion started when the top Phil police Aragoncillo who's collaborating is being held by the immigration officials. Then, Aragoncillo tried to vouch for that police official. Kaya nagduda and Homeland Defence agents sa immigration. The police official travels frequently in the US with tourist visa. Then the last time he was here, na overstay amf.

    IMHO, Aragoncillo should be sentenced to death. :evillaugh

    DISCLAIMER: sa mga taong tingin sakin ay takwil sa bayang Pinas dahil sa pananalita ko, pasensyahan tayo mga kapatid. Sabi ng isang movie sa Pinas, "trabaho lang bai, walang personalan"

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    Apr 2004
    tsk tsk tsk

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    Dec 2003
    he was the 1st spy or something DAW sabi sa news to infiltrate the white house for such a long period of time

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    Jan 2005
    sinayang niya ang trabaho at ang buhay niya,nag-pagamit cya sa taong ambisiyoso...

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    Dec 2004
    ang balita naman ng uncle kong nasa NICA, si Ping Lacson ay connected dyan sa spy na yan....Ping Lacson has a mole inside the White House! Galing ni Ping Lacson!

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    Oct 2002
    Not only he's getting paid $100K/year (my own assumption) for his job, he is also receiving pension from the Federal Military retirement. (which is 80% of the last salary he was receiving before retirement.)

    may duda din ako na may connection din dyan si Ping.

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    May 2004
    amp... :swear:

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    Jan 2005
    consider him he has getting good compensation aside from dirty money sideline.well congrat's for him he is in hell now...

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    Oct 2002
    ang bobo naman ng noypi na yan, sinayang niya ang kinabukasan ng pamilya niya.

    pension plan of 80% of your last salary DAMN I need to work for the federal gov't !

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    Oct 2002
    Nung una, may nahuling apat na pinoy immigration workers who sells green card. One from each state/city: DC, SF, LA, MD

    US Military retirees cant even have their military ID card renewed by mail if they are residing in the Philippines.

    Here's an untold story:

    When I was stationed onboard USS Kitty Hawk, the captain announced "MAN OVERBOARD! MAN OVERBOARD!" We just left S. Korea and taking muster of all personnel around 2100hrs. One personnel is missing, a fellow pinoy. He was the only unaccountable personnel out of 5,000+ onboard. We thought he went overboard and the ship had to turn around to start looking for him, search & rescue was launched. FYI: when MAN OVERBOARD is called, all personnel need to muster to their respective battle station within 10mins. If after 15mins we still have an unaccountable personnel, we had to stay on General Quarters (GQ is not fun with full battle gear) until that personnel is found.

    He was never found, the wife was notified, news all over the Naval Base etc.

    He had 19 years and a year more, he will be retiring with full benefits including the kids and wife. Family received all the life insurance of $500,000 plus the benefits continued for the entire family. The military retirement benefit went to the family as well, 80% of his salary for as long as the wife and kids are living.

    Two years later, he was the Philippines with his wife. The idiot used his CC on a department store. All along, he planned everything. He jump overboard and swim ashore in S. Korea. Flew to Manila using his Phil passport. How did he survive yellow sea? Well, it turned out that he was an ex-special forces in the Phil Armed Forces, not sure which branch.

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Pinoy SPY in the White House, caught.