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    Jan 2003
    lols! to be honest, i don't really find his blog offensive at all..... And i have to agree.... the rate of development of manila is really slow compared to the development in the provinces.....

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    Sep 2003
    kaya yung mga expats namin sa office noon, pag w/in makati CBD sila naka-checkin, ina-advise namin na huwag nang lumabas ng CBD, kasi madi-dissapoint lang sila.

    ang pangit eh.

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    Feb 2010
    Totoo naman lahat nang sinasabi sa blog, tulad ko isang OFW every year im paying OEC, property taxes & etc. Im quite dissapointed of how Manila turn out. Naiisip ko tuloy saan napupunta yun binababayad namin sa OEC? Doon na lang mayroon na dapat silang funds para maimproved man lang ang airport. But still nothing happens for the past 10 years.

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    Nov 2005
    sa dami ng jologs hindi na gaganda ang manila


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    Feb 2009
    the philippines was once one of the richest countries in asia if not the richest decades ago. we had, repeat, had timber, we have gold, minerals and more importantly skilled workers. thanks to our kababayans who in one way or another, acted like pigs defecating in their own backyard and our corrupt politicians who got elected and had personal agenda while in office. to be blamed too, are the voters for not carefully selecting the best candidates. an example is the production of rice. the farmers from all over asia attended u.p. los banos to study farming. look now, they are all exporting to the philippines.

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    Nov 2008

    Manila Bay for the tourists to see.

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    Nov 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by vinj View Post
    Next on the list: Congress and the Senate will call the blogger to retract his statements, issue an apology or risk being persona non grata.

    This I will expect from the KSP in those halls. Truth hurts.

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    Nov 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by Tj_abs View Post
    Problem with us filipinos ay walang discipline. We didnt not patronize our own products. Imo, not all filipinos are nationalistic. Mahilig tayo sa western culture/ imported. More corruption and crab mentality. Gusto easy money. Sad to say but its true..

    P.s. Include also ung mga bwisit na "kuliglig " na hari ng kalsada.
    Colonial mentality is still prevalent.

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    Sep 2003
    nakita rin kaya ni blogger yung mga pinoys na umiihi sa pader?

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    May 2010
    all he said was not offensive naman eh. kitid lang ng utak ng mga nag comment this and that BS.

    i don't have hopes about manila or even the phil being at Par with other asian countries.

    just driving through Maynila this whole day, maiinis ka nalang bigla sa mga tao.

    hay. nakakainis talaga makakita man lang ng mga jologs na feeling gangsta sa kalsada yung tipong ayaw tumabi at ang angas pa.

    mga jeepney driver na ungas.

    mga government officials na wala nang ginawang tama.

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