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    Sep 2003
    Har,har.har...It has indeed gone viral, to the suprise of the blogger no less! Na mentioned pa nga ni Mo Twister. Not suprising from where the comments came from. Dinelete yung obviouly galing sa mga JOLOGS!

    Update 12th October 2011:

    This post seems to have gone viral. I've had nearly 500 comments.... most still unreviewed because I read EACH ONE before accepting them. Please bear with me.

    [size=2]I delete ONLY the incoherent, wholly illiterate and actually defamatory or gratuitously insulting - they are often funny, but say more about the writer than than my post - no Anonymous, I'm not a "racist faggot" and I do use my real name, LoL. However one or two are included so you can see what I mean. These insults represent about 1% of the comments, the majority of which, even when they disagree with me, are rational. Thanks for that.[/size]

    I even got one comment from George Clooney (really?) - he apparently didn't get the bow to his excellent TV advert for Nescafe.... mmmh...... was it really from you George? If so, please verify and I'll publish it. I suspect someone of your eminence wouldn't bother to comment on a casual blog like this, and would also have understood the respect shown by the post. Whoever that was using his name in vain, lighten up!

    I'm happy if people criticise coherently; I might (and have) learned some things. Bring it on. This blog is NOT politically correct and will never be; it is an honest reflection of my opinions...... whatever they are worth. Post your comments in similar vein and I'll publish them.

    The text of the post below is unchanged, but I want to say this about my experience of the Philippines overall: I've worked there off and on since 1991. I've visited almost every part of the country, including NPA territory and Islamic parts of Mindanao. I've eaten rice with people so poor this is all they have to offer and hiked through places like Aurora. So I probably know the place fairly well, I suspect. As someone says, it is a hugely diverse country, beautiful in places, but with astounding poverty compared with many of its neighbours. I've enjoyed almost all my time there - but I DID NOT ENJOY THIS VISIT nor the Discovery Suites, and this blog reviews specific visits and my experience of them.

    People have written about the good things in Manila - folks,[size=2] Makati and Greenbelt are about as representative of Manila and the Philippines as Silom Road is of Bangkok and Thailand.[/size] I've visited every part of Manila, so please don't kid me.

    Specifics: NAIA Terminal 3 is NOT open except to very few international flights and some domestic. It's been in this position for YEARS and is an absolute example of the failure of the government to deal with critical problems.

    Discovery Suites: I kept going back because it was always good value - duh! It no longer is good value, and I won't go back. By the way, I've stayed at the EDSA Plaza and I've stayed at the Peninsular.... in fact I've stayed all over the city. DS was good and convenient. Pity.

    Racist? Ha ha! LoL I'm actually married to an Asian and have lived in Asia for well over 20 years - love it. But Asians are the most racist folk in the world - ask a Thai their opinion on Indians (khon kak - don't ask for a literal translation) and they call me "farang", which isn't so polite..... or the Chinese what they think of all the rest of the world......I'm a Big Nose (dai bize)......or in Japan a "gaijin", whatever. I am indeed culturally aware and critical...... yes, opinionated. By the way, lots of folk detest Brits... so what? Get real and get over it.

    Sorry if Filipinos are insulted, that wasn't my intention - but this is what I felt at the time of my visit and my OPINION, not "the truth"........

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    Aug 2011
    Problem with us filipinos ay walang discipline. We didnt not patronize our own products. Imo, not all filipinos are nationalistic. Mahilig tayo sa western culture/ imported. More corruption and crab mentality. Gusto easy money. Sad to say but its true..

    P.s. Include also ung mga bwisit na "kuliglig " na hari ng kalsada.

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    Jan 2003
    tama naman ang sinabi ng author..... ako nga tumataas ang presyon sa bwisit kapag nagagawi ng maynila....

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    Oct 2002
    yun mga major infrastructures natin wala naman talagang improvement for the past 20 years or so.

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    Nov 2005
    Philippines can be described as an extractive or exploitive economy, not one where people want to build sustainably long term. As I say, the smart one’s all want to leave.
    that's right

    there's no long-term planning coz leaders dont have a stake here

    many of them plan to retire abroad. many of them have dual citizenship

    what they do is extract what they can while they can

    they don't care if the Phils. goes to hell

    what matters is they got their retirement fund in foreign bank accounts and houses in California and apartments in NY Trump buildings

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    Apr 2009
    the author merely posted his opinion... and quite frankly tama naman siya.

    problem is madami ang "nababastos" at "naiiinsulto". but these are the same people that contribute to the problem of moral decay that consumes the culture of the filipinos. why don't they ask themselves kung ano ba nacontribute nila para makatulong sa 'pinas?

    idagdag mo pa yung mga media practitioners that hypes everything and sensationalizing worthless news. kaya minsan nakaka-inis manood ng news eh.

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    Apr 2007

    Criminal gangs that drug and rob or assault unsuspecting tourists are active in Manila, including the Makati central business district, and in provincial resort towns.

    Street crime is of concern particularly in crowded shopping malls and other public places. Pickpocketing, bag snatching and a range of scams, including those involving credit cards and automated teller machines, are common.

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    Mar 2006
    sad but true.

    kahapon na lang nung nag decide ako mag bus para manuod ng laban ng azkals vs nepal live (one a/c bus ride lang kasi from my condo iyong rizal memorial sports complex), napa reflect ako kasi walang pinagbago ang pasay city at maynila. garbage and filth is still everywhere and the short walk from taft ave. to the entrance of the rizal memorial stadium still stunk of urine and stale waste.

    what's even sadder is the buildings and establishments (where high rise condos, decent restos and classy coffee bars abound) in the general area are "progressive" and, even more, three known schools of the so-called "perfumed set" can be found there and yet the local government has done nothing to clean-up the streets and round-up the vagrants along that busy route. ganyan na iyan dati ng high school ako hanggang ngayon ganun pa din it's downright depressing

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    Mar 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by Monseratto View Post
    Har,har.har...It has indeed gone viral, to the suprise of the blogger no less! Na mentioned pa nga ni Mo Twister. Not suprising from where the comments came from. Dinelete yung obviouly galing sa mga JOLOGS!
    Dami talaga bobo sa bansa natin di matangap ang katotohanan.

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    Sep 2003
    Ehem...comment from a Dufus...

    Your a joke
    I hope you end up in a ditch...i spent most of my life growing up in manila..and have met the most amazing people and have had the greatest times of my life there...and just to make my point ive been to paris, london, sydney, melbourne, tokyo, hongkong, bankok...and many other places i just cant be bothered to list them here...Eat S\"it you motherf*cking ignorant f*ck...geoffrey youre a big f*cking joke..please refrain from calling yourself an intellectual..i know my comments arent event coherent at this point because im soo enraged by your sh*!#t either way I suppose im just reacting to your blatant ignorance in dont even deserve an argument

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