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    Feb 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by boybi
    meron daw nadiscover ang china/japan na malaking reserve ng oil &/or gas sa east china sea. china have begun drilling and pumping at that location to the strong protest of japan. both countries claim that the area belongs to their Exclusive Economic Zone. some chinese newspapers say that the oil or gas reserves in that area ay mas malaki pa daw kesa sa reserves ng saudi arabia.
    HOLY SH!T, China will become a superpower very sooner than later

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    Mar 2005
    naging agressor ang China sa mga neighbors nya ah, satin sa Spratlys, ngaun naman sa Japan. d ba may samaan din sila ng loob sa iba SEA countries. all it takes is one rogue missile (launched by rouge group) coming from chinese territory to Taiwan. Gyerahin na ng mundo yan China kasama pa big brother natin USA.

    so kung may oil dun, baka war muna mangyari.

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Is oil nearing its end or is it here to stay?