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    Quote Originally Posted by TOYOboy
    well, the engine swap is done, although i think i made a mistake when it came to using the suspension of the seems that it's not a perfect fit, now the car seems to understeer more, although it could also be because of the limited slip tranny. Plus, my mechanic gave me a blow off valve for free, so i had it installed, but then it seems like it's too old a model, so it isn't sequential or adjustable, so now i get an over rich setting once the air releases, so the car stalls. I called HKS and they told me that my only hope to getting it running stable is to get a newer sequential bov or any as long as it's adjustable. but the car runs fine and strong, and i decided to move to 17s for traction, especially on take off and shifting...sana nga i can get to fix the stalling thing by nov 23, coz i was planning to join the RWYB in subic, and the drag race too....
    You can cure the over-rich condition by converting your BOV to a recirculating type simply by piping the vented air back into your intake pipe at a position after your air sensor. I had the same problem with my turbo charged sentra with the bov venting to atmosphere.

    As for suspension, it can be fixed. Maybe you'll need stiffer stocks/springs in the car to control your understeer? I guess your best best for the meantime is to swap back your original suspension.

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    nasaan na kaya si Toyoboy?

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Naalala nyo pa ba ang "Adventures ni TOYOboy" ? :-