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    Oct 2002
    Nagreply ako dun sa email ng PLDT-Infocom:

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your email.

    This acknowledges your email reply with your DSL Speed Increase. Please be advised that we will be locking your myDSL subscription until July 1, 2005 but in addition to the speed increase you will also receive an additional 5Mb email space to your existing 20Mb email space.

    The speed increases are being rolled out area by area nationwide; timings may vary depending on location. Please be advised that 512 and 768 kbps are the maximum possible connection speeds. Factors such as location, line interference, website availability, and hardware or software problems, may prevent you from taking full advantage of the maximum speed. If you have concerns, please contact our technical support team via mydsl* or call 173.

    Should you have further queries, please call 171 for assistance.

    Thank you and have a good day to you.

    Respectfully Yours,
    PLDT Customer Care

    File Size: 150.005 KB
    Time Elapsed: 2.5 seconds
    480 Kbps
    (60 KBps)
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    Originally posted by boybi
    bilis ng connection mo a, anong plan mo?
    un 2,500.. ata?.hehe..

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    Sep 2002
    Originally posted by odell
    merun bang program para malaman mo kung ganu kabilis un net mo?..

    panu kunin un email sa pldtdsl...

    kasi subscriber ako.. pero hinde ko inalam panu kunin un mail ko.haha
    Dear PLDT DSL Subscriber -

    To provide you first-class quality of service, PLDT myDSL is now bundled with a richer and feature-filled email service called Outlook® Web Access. With this new email service, you can -

    - Enjoy a bigger mailbox space of 20MB

    - Send and receive large file size attachments of a maximum of 2MB

    - Keep your incoming mail safe with anti-virus and anti-spam tools

    - Schedule appointments on your calendar and get reminder alerts

    - Check your mail from the web – anytime, anywhere!

    - Change your old email address to a user* email address

    ... And a lot more exciting features that most local ISP email services do not offer!

    We are now in the process of transferring your email account to this new messaging platform. Since we value your usage of our email service, we would like to minimize possible downtime for you. Please read the following highlights to guide you in the transfer process:

    1. Kindly use the system generated password (indicated at the top of this email) starting May 17, 2004 to ensure continuous use of your username* email account through during the transfer procedure. Email accounts will be transferred by batches beginning May 24 till June 28, 2004. Yo ucanperiodicallystartcheckingtheavailabilityofthis newemailserviceatthefollowingsiteshttpwww.pldtdsl.

    2. Though PLDT would like to save all your email information, we can only guarantee the contents of your email Inbox to be transferred to the new platform. It is advised that you backup all email related information such as emails contained in the Sub-Folders, Address Book and Sent Items. We recommend that you visit our website for a step-by-step tutorial on how to backup your Inbox.

    3. Once your email account is successfully transferred, you can already enjoy a new email experience by accessing it via or and clicking the Check Email icon and login using your approved username*

    4. For your convenience, we will provide the following services to ensure a hassle-free email account transfer activity:

    a) You will still have access to your old email interface ( for the next 3 months after your account has been transferred to the new messaging service

    b) We will provide an email auto-forwarding service wherein emails directed to your old username* address will be forwarded to your new * address for a period of 3 months.

    c) Email address aliasing will also be available for a period of 3 months at no cost to you. This feature will allow you to receive your emails even though the sender used your old username* address.

    For more inquiries, you can call 859-8080 and a PLDT Customer Support Representative will be glad to assist you. You can also email us at customercare*

    Thank you.

    PLDT DSL Customer Care

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