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    Sep 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by GlennSter View Post
    right now, i am humbled that i am working part time as a cook in one of the fast food restaurants here with highschool students teaching me what to pinas kasi, may taga luto ako.may taga linis.may taga hugas.meron lahat. dito iba.i learned a lot not only with work..but also how they deal with their problems in life.
    Manong Glenn, buti ka pa nga eh, marunong magluto.

    Quote Originally Posted by GlennSter
    ako naman isang tanga na kumakayod para sa luho.herherher...
    Anumang luho yan, at least pinagtrabahuhan mo pa rin, 'di ba?

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by nicolodeon View Post
    GS, I see your point. However, I do hope that don't take it as a humbling-bordering-on-humiliating experience. Just take it as an experience that can enrich you as a person whereby the invaluable enrichment that you would amass, you can pass proudly to your children. Almost always, the things that are so invaluable in life come in the form of small, unoticable packages where the wrappings are not worth a second look.

    Go with it brother - I'm looking forward to chatting with the improved and wiser GS in the coming weeks.

    this is definitely not humiliating..i am actually proud of it, hence the post.herhehrer

    really...i am humbled...yet proud of being humbled. nakikilala ko ang sarili ko sa ibang paraan. nakikita ko ang hindi ko noon nakikita.lumalawak ang pananaw kong makitid, bawat manok (ayan na ang clue kung saan..herherh) na nililinis ko at inaalisan ng isang aral ang natututunan ko...

    ser bogey: oo naman...pero exag naman ang sinabi ko.heheeh.nag iipon pang tuition para sa darating na school year sa january.

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    Aug 2003
    humbling experience? everyday. when i see how many people i pass on the streets that have so much less than i have. makes me thankful to God and my family.

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    Aug 2003
    i'd have to say college.

    i was a consistent honor student kasi sa HS. pagtuntong sa college i was expecting to do more of the same. lo and behold, my inherent weakness in all things math was exposed.

    madami pa palang taong mas matalino sa akin B) not that i was an *$$ back then. nerdy ako dati, pero ngayon, *** manyak, este, symbol na :D

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    Oct 2004
    glenn nandos???


    Edit I use to do summer job there

    Edit2 thank you Pa....

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    Dec 2005
    mother nature also have ways to humble us...there's always an unrideable wave, an untrekkable mountain pass...and a woman that is way out of our leagues.

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    Aug 2004
    Hmmm... humbling.

    The internet is always constantly humbling. There's always someone out there smarter. I hate internet debates.

    Most humbling experience: College. I was a big brain in High School, and it hurt me deeply not to be able to pass my original course (combination of: poor memory... IQ don't mean sh*t on memorization exams, low motivation, low self-esteem, horrible teachers, and finally, when I'd given up... poor study habits.). I've learned to deal with the fact, though, and move on.

    Should've picked engineering. In algebraic or trigonometric classes, whenever I came upon an equation I'd forgotten from class, I'd just make up a new one on the spot.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by FXT View Post
    and a woman that is way out of our leagues.

    i remember my ex..i was really humbled when we were.....

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    Jun 2006
    ako humble talaga. alam nyo yung bagong commercial ng "FITA" kagaya ako nung lalake.

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    May 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by happy_gilmore View Post
    ako wala. humble na kasi ako eh...
    good one sir happy. kaya lang what a paradox that sentence becomes. if I expand it into three paradoxical phrases in a sentence it'll sound like this;

    "I'm a humble person" and "this sentence is false" because "I always lie"

    I'm sure all of us have to take our daily dose of the bitter pill. most are too subtle to be notice but still humbling, nonetheless. as the philosopher once said, when we increase our knowledge, we see how little we know. we see how much we still have to learn. and once we really know a lot, we can safely say: "I know that I know nothing." Isn't that a paradox as well?

    personally there's too many experiences for me to mention of and I'm glad I went through with each

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