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    Oct 2002
    Di aabot sa megawatt kada isa ata mga yan.

    Eto Cut and paste

    Wind Mill Efficiency
    Windmills are turbines. The two names can be used synonymously. Turbines are a means of harnessing the a fluid's power (the wind) by converting the kinetic energy of the fluid (the wind) into mechanical power (the rotating shaft) When the shaft of a w indmill is hooked up to a generator, electrical energy can be formed. The generator can be used to produce either DC or AC current. Generators that produce DC can be connected to batteries, an inverter to produce AC, or to power DC loads.
    Some generators are connected to heating coils. Generators that produce AC can be hooked up to AC motors such as water pumps. Windmills are NOT efficient. At the very most, a windmill can extract only 16/27ths of the kinetic energy from the wind. This is called the Betz Limit and it can be mathematically proven through calculus. Most of today's windmills extract about 30 perc ent of the wind's energy.
    The Southern Cross farm windmill can only extract 10%.

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    Oct 2002
    Eto cool!

    Balak ko din dati kung magpapatayo ako house magiinvest kami sa solar panels and other renewable electricity para pwede mag aircon lagi hehe.

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    Oct 2002
    pwede kaya ako mag uwi ng solar cells? heheheh..meron nabibili dito..kaso yung mga nakikita ko 12volts output lang...pwede ko kaya gamitan ng step-up transformer para maging 220v?

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    Mar 2005
    ok yan sa mga lugar na windy. sa natl. geograhic meron water version niyan, kumukuha ng energy from kinetic energy produced by waves slamming sa shores. yun
    ang mayaman tayo all-over the Phils. lalo na yun sa Pacific Side ng P'nas, Lamon Bay ba yun

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    Oct 2002
    kung poluted sobra masisira din yan puros basura papasok sa generator hehe.

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    Aug 2004
    Even if they're not fully efficient, they're extracting energy that's wasted anyway. I wish we had more!

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Aug 2003
    nung mga late 80's i've already seen portable water turbines. basically the campers anchored it on a large stone in a stream, and then letting the water drag(and turn) the turbine. ginawa nilang power source for their campsite B)

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Giant windmills energize northern Philippines