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    Jul 2007
    I started to type #5 last night... but for some weird reason my laptop keep rebooting! hehehe.... maybe "somebody" doesn't want me to tell the story!

  2. #332
    jun > dami mong extra-terrestial..este unquie experiences,a....

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    Jul 2007
    ahehehe.... hindi alien to ah...
    no b.s. and I don't claim to be brave with regards to these things... takot din ako!

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    Jan 2007
    6 or 7 yata ako before dami nagpaparamdam. Like I woke up one night around 1AM parang may naghuhugas ng mga plato and utensils hahahaha and malakas ung tubig (I know na hindi sa labas galing kasi rinig na rinig ko). Ginigising ko mom ko and lola ko nun kasi sa room ko sila pinatulog pero hindi magising. Pati yung toys ko may gumagalaw na parang nilalagay sa plastic.

    Tapos nung grade 6 ako, nilgay ko sa table yung folder ko na gagamitin ko for our quarterly exam. Nahulog. Tapos napaisip na ako. Ayun nung exam na, napagbintangan ako ng cheating cos yung periodic table of elements nasa ilalim ng folder ko nakaiipit. Sinabi ko pa nga ano ginagawa nito dito? Ayun! Principal's office kaagad. Since then, pag may mga signs na ganun alam ko na may mangyari kaya ingat na ingat na ko.

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    May 2006
    This story happened not so long ago when we were still teens. My cousins and I, we were a close pack back then. Even our parents who are cousins are the same. When there is a birthday or anniversary, it's always like a reunion and the weekend will be filled with mahjong, eating and drinking. It was my lola's(aunt of my Nanay) birthday and we were at their place in Mandaluyong for the weekend. On that Saturday morning, we were the first to arrive at my lola's place, an old big house they have been renting since I can't remember when. My tita(daughter of my lola) who lives in Isabela arrived with her husband from her second marriage at around noon. She has a grown son from her first marriage, our manong Dodo who did not arrive with them that day, and two daughters just about our age 15 and 13. Later that afternoon, the old house is filled with relatives from as far as Soldiers' Hill Muntinlupa(we felt it was already far during those days). It's easy to spot a cousin who is not with us because we usually eat and chat together before we play board games or skate/bike together outside the street. Night came and at around 630pm just when the sun began to set, the phone rang and I took the call from manong Dodo. He said he was riding his motorbike from Isabela and that he will be arriving late. He talked to my aunt(his mom) then later to her sisters. Later on, the 9 of us waited for our turn to be able to talk to him. At the end of each conversation, he was kinda saying goodbye and telling us how happy it was to be attending these get-togethers. The "long-distance" phone call lasted for about 1 and a half hours and if it was not for dinner already running cold, we would have not stopped chatting passing the phone to each other and trying to listen to the flow of the conversation. Manong Dodo ended that phone call always assuring us that he will be home soon and that we should wait for him before we start the millionaires' game. Our parents were busy with mahjong and we just started to mix the punch when at about 9pm the phone rang again. Someone is looking for my aunt who at this time was already very engaged in mahjong. She hurriedly took the call and this time it was one of the friends of manong Dodo who was riding his motorbike with him to Manila. He told my aunt about a fatal motorcycle crash on a balete tree that took place about 3 hours ago along the Nueva Ecija highway and my manong Dodo was d.o.a in the local hospital. She can't believe what she just heard because manong Dodo called us up and have actually talked to us on the very same moment. When everything was firmed up, manong Dodo's time of death was at exactly 630pm. It made us sick to our stomach that for 1 and a half hours we were talking to our "already" dead cousin.

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    Dec 2003
    eismann totoo ba yan? :nerves:

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    May 2006
    bimbim:retelling this story still gives me the creeps to this day because of this, when we pray the rosary...we mention the names of our dead relatives.

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    Sep 2004
    This happened to my friend Mark when he was around 9 years, and serving as an altar boy in a local parish, as recounted to me.

    It was around 9pm, and he was doing his routine chores of polishing the ornaments in the tabernacle. Only a few lighbulbs were on, to conserve electricity. Mark was engrossed in his work, when he heard a fairly loud sound. He was all alone, but since it was a church, he wasn't afraid. The sound became eerily familiar, as if somebody was calling his sounded like "Mark, Mark."

    So he stood up to investigate. He searched the pews, nobody was there. He searched the cabinets, nothing. But he did notice that the main door to the garden was open. So he went closer. Suddenly, there it was again..."Mark, Mark!" It seemed to come from the garden! But only the faint glow of a single lamp post and a full moon was there to illuminate the area. He started to tremble, and his heart beat faster! He thought, could this really be happening to me? I'm in a place of worship!!! But he gathered enough courage to investigate who was really calling his name...

    "Mark, Mark!"

    So, he tightly gripped the rosary he always had around his neck and bravely went to the garden. He had to know who was calling him! Maybe it was a voice from Paradise itself!!! At this time, he was perspiring heavily, and silently calling on all the saints in heaven...finally, he went to the garden and saw a life-sized statue of Jesus in the center! This was it! Christ himself was calling me! Hallelujah!!!

    But as he was intently gazing on the statue, the voice called him again from behind. "Mark, Mark!"

    It wasn't the statue after all. It was just a dog with a harelip.

    Smile naman diyan!

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    Oct 2006
    Story #1

    Naka confine nun yung grandfather ko sa Mary Johnston Hospital at ako ang magbabantay overnight. Yung pinto nung room nung lolo ko eh lumalangitngit pag binubuksan kaya nalalaman ko agad pag may papasok dahil tutunog agad yung door. The night came at tulog na ang lolo ko kaya I decided to sleep. At around 3 a.m. nagising na lang ako sa tili nung nurse dahil nagbrown-out pala. I was still lying on the sofa when suddenly may naaninag ako, madilim nun at ang tanging ilaw ay galing sa buwan, someone approaching my lolo dressed in white tipong nurse. Dahil sa antok eh pinabayaan ko na lang thinking na baka iche-check lang yung BP. Then suddenly nung medyo nahimasmasan nako tsaka ko lang naisip na hindi ko narinig na lumangitngit yung door at sinong tanga ang papasok para magcheck ng BP without having a flashlight/candle dahil sa dilim. The next thing I heared are the nurses making rounds na may dalang flashlights to check on the patients. then biglang nagka-ilaw na. Tapos may pumasok na nurse at nuon lumangitngit na uli yung door.

    Story #2
    This happened sa office. Para makapunta ako sa computer ko I have to pass the stockroom kung saan nakatambak yung mga printed materials nung office namin. Nung minsan papunta ako sa computer ko I noticed someone na naka-white at naka-upo dun sa may mga boxes na parang may inaayos. At first I thought it was Roger yung officemate ko na in-charge of cutting the materials at inaayos lang yung puputulin niya kaya I went to my computer. Then suddenly naisip ko na may itatanong nga pala ako kay Roger so I went to the stockroom to ask him pero pagdating ko dun eh walang tao. I checked the whole room pero wala talagang tao. Walang makakalabas dun sa room na yun without me noticing dahil nakaharap mismo yung computer ko sa may door nung stockroom. After some research nalaman ko na room pala yung nung namatay na american missionary na laging naka white at kasing katawan ni Roger. At hobby na niya ang laging ayusin ang laman ng boxes of goods niya.

    Story #3
    In the office on the same floor pero sa bandang dulo pa kami ng hallway nun while I was layouting a job I felt someone approaching me from my left side. Tipong dumungaw from the side of my face and I can feel na magkalapit na yung mukha namin and he's looking at the computer watching what I'm doing. Dahil I thought it was just one of my officemates tinanong ko pa ng "Ano masasabi mo sa layout ko?" then I turned my head to look kung sino yung tumitingin and surprise wala akong kasama sa room. Dun na tumayo lahat ng balahibo ko sa katawan. Somebody from the next room told me na pag walang tao dun sa room namin he could hear strange noises tipong pulling of chair, radio playing eh wala namang tao.

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    May 2007
    This happened to me a few years ago. As i was on my way home with a friend from a party in san juan, i passed through new manila. It was a clear night and the moon was out so mdyo maliwanag ang daan. It was around 3am when i reached new manila. Dapat sa balete drive ako dadaan pero naisip ko bigla yung mga stories about this street kaya i opted to pass thru hemady. Everything was ok, the a/c in the car was on and we were listening to the radio. When i got near the corner of 8th street and hemady, my windshield mysteriously misted up and i found it hard to see out front. So i turned my wipers on but to no avail. We even tried to wipe the glass from the inside but the mist just wouldnt go away. Just then my car stereo suddenly went dead. I stopped my car to see what was wrong with my radio. My friend suddenly noticed two handprints on my windshield. The hair on the back of my neck suddenly rose and I felt a chill run down my spine. Without thinking anymore, i floored my car and sped up to e rodriguez ave.

    The thing is, as soon as we got to e rodriguez my radio functioned properly again. The handprints were gone and there was no mist.

    A few days after this event, my friend asked me if i saw other things aside from the handprints on the windshield.I told my friend that when i floored my car, the only thing i saw was the road in front of us. I was focused on getting out of that area. I asked my friend why he asked me that question. He just answered that while i was speeding out of hemady, he saw a woman on the backseat of my car with a sinister smile on her face.

    The next day i had my car blessed at our local parish.

    Since then, i've avoided passing thru hemady anymore....

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