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    Oct 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by bilog
    Mukhang puro taga Aklan ang mga maids natin kay kung anu ano ang nakikita...

    ako naman hindi ako taga-aklan ah...hindi din ako maid...hehhe... sabi ng friend ko dati "gifted" daw ang nakakakita ng multo...kasi nga hindi naman lahat meron..okay lang naman basta gagamitin sa tamang paraan...

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    Oct 2002
    hanap mo un thread that was started last year before holloween, may post ako dun. anyway kung di mo makita ....

    i grew up in a haunted house. my sister and i had a ghost playmate when we were very little (siguro when my sister was 7 and i was 3). this ghost would, in all places, play with us at the stairway. when we are going down the stairs he would carry us all the way down and we would have the sensation of flying. it only happened when we were alone in the house (both parents working kasi, maid lang kasama namin). anyway we would shout "lipad lipad" at the top of the stairs and the ghost would carry us down to the 1st floor. we were not afraid because he (yup, lalaki) never appeared to us. but one day our uncle who lived 4 towns away made a visit. since the door was open he just walked right in without the usual hello or "tao po" and guess what, i was in the middle of my flight. my uncle saw me floating in mid air and he shouted. ayun, the ghost must have panicked and he dropped me. luckily even if i landed on the last stairs step i did not break any bones. our game stopped after that, he never played with us again.

    a few years later my father went on cursillo (catholic renewal). days before he went we started hearing footsteps in the hallway at night, stopping at our parents bedroom door. we knew it was a ghost of course because we had always had the sensation of someone else was with us although we could not see them, especially upstairs and when we were alone. anyway the footsteps went away after my father had gone to the cursillo. 2 months later it was my mother's turn to go. that time the ghost did it better (or should i say worse). not only did it paced the hallway throughout the night, it dragged its slippers. the night before my mom went was the worst, it was already knocking at our doors! we were all very afraid so we were all in our parents' room - my sister and myself, our aunt and even the maid. my father got very angry and he shouted "p*tangna mo pumunta ka na sa impyerno wag mo kami abalahin" or something very similar. what did the ghost do? it started banging on the walls, on the ceiling, on the door, and finally it "jumped" on the newly built porch roof that my father and his friends just finished building the day before. ayun yupi yung roof ng porch! when my mother was at the cursillo she consulted the matter with the bishop. the bishop of course saw right away that it was a spirit asking for prayers since both incidents occured before my parents went to the cursillo. we had a mass at home after that and the walking stopped.

    years later our aunt was waking up at night shouting, saying that she sees this "black" (dark?) figure of a man standing beside her bed at night, watching her. my aunt was an old maid already at that time. anyway one night this black figure got on top of her and she woke up everyone shouting, even the neighbors. she said this figure tried to rape her. she had a nervous breakdown after that and she never wanted to be alone again. our new maid (the one before left after the ghost made that jump on the roof) told us she had a cousin who could talk to spirits. only thing was, absolutely no payment whatsoever or he would lose his powers or suffer bad luck. we fetched him and what he did was he asked for a white bowl half filled with water, a candle and a piece of bond paper. with the candle lit he then cut the paper into 6 equal pieces then immersed it in the water. he prayed over it in latin and then he took out the paper. maybe you will not believe it but in the paper were pictures like the water mark on the peso bills. 3 persons - one old woman that he said is no longer there since we already helped her go to heaven (how did he knew, we did not tell him nor the new maid?), a bachelor with "spanish" curving mustache (like the mustache of juan luna) that he said was our playmate when we were very little (again how did he knew?!!!) and that this guy also went up already since we offered the mass in our house, an an old man whom he said was too "masama" already and he could do nothing but to ask this guy not to go inside the house anymore. there was also in the other pieces of paper a map of the place showing the road, an old house and our new house, a house burning down, and some other things i don't remember anymore. he said the house burned down in the 1800s and the 3 were our relatives. anyway he offered prayers and after that my aunt never got scared anymore inside the house. after that my mom went to see the old town records and indeed there was a big fire sometime in the 1850's that burned almost half the town, and that 3 of our past relatives who lived in the same lot died in that fire.

    a few years later again i was already 14 or 15 years old there was a big typhoon and the window in my bedroom got wrecked. my father and i spent the whole day fixing it and it was already dark when we finished. he told me to bring the tools to the bodega which was outside about 5 meters from the kitchen door. while i was arranging the tools i decided to clean the bodega since there was a lot of leaves blown in by the typhoon. when i got the walis tingting and the dust pan i heard this man's voice about 1 meter to the back and to my left side saying "tama na yan gabi na." the place was well lit, with a 100 watt light bulb outside the bodega door, another 100 watt bulb outside the kitchen and our neighbor's side door light. i looked around but there was nobody there. so i picked uop again the walis and was about to go inside the bodega and then, about 1 inch from my left ear in a very angry voice, "sabi ko tama na yan gabi na!" i felt his breath on my cheeks and i could see at the corner of my eye this black face! i turned to face him and 1 inch from my nose was this big black (or dark as in xray film) face looking at me with very angry eyes. he stepped back and our neighbors light was shining right through him! i trembled there for a few seconds before i was able to command my legs to run! i rammed right through the kitchen screen door (syempre sira yung door ehehehe!) i was shouting and i was trembling, and nakakahiya man sabihin, i pissed in my pants! anyway i did not go out at night anymore for a few months after that.

    so do i believe in ghost? naaaaah!

    my advice is to offer a mass right in your house especially for those spirits. it got rid of 2 in our old house, maybe those in your house are not as bad as the 3rd in ours and they will all go.
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    Dec 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by theveed
    At Maids hehehe.
    bakit mga maid namin walang nakikita o tamad lng talaga hehehe

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    Feb 2005
    Sir yebo! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHHHH.

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    Mar 2005

    nakapangilabot yan ah... (kinikilabutan, tumataas balahibo)


    may third eye ka pala.. gifted kayo ah. cousin ko kasi meron third eye... freaky sometimes pag may nakikita sya. matapang pa...

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    Sep 2004
    pag sanay na... bale wala na siguro. Just like in the movie sixth sense. At first it can give you freaky feeling but if get used to it and knows how to handle your special gift there is nothing to it.

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    Mar 2005

    meron ka din third eye?!

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    Jan 2005
    Pag hindi ka ginugulo, siguro hindi naman masamang spirit yan, just celebrate Mass in your house, Sa iba naman diyan na bibili ng house, check niyo yung history, not from the present owner but sa mga neighbors if possible.

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    Sep 2004
    Have it blessed by the priest... Sabi din nila kapag ang tahanan puno ng pagmamahalan malayo ang paranormal activities.

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    Apr 2004
    I agree, have it re-blessed. We had our house re-blessed summer of 2002 kasi I have been experiencing something strange in our sort of a make shift room beside our dining area. Nahulog yung "Mama Mary" Holy Water sa altar for no reason when I was about to sleep because I have to vacate my room when my cousins arrived suddenly from Dagupan. The second incident when the door of that room was accidentally locked. So my mom went up to her room to get the keys but when she came down, the door was already open. Whenever am in that room trying to get some sleep, ayaw ako patulugin. After the house was re-blessed, nawala yun. Wala na rin akong nakikitang spirits sa may dirty kitchen namin pag 1am. Before, I usually see spirits in our dirty kitchen. Sabi daw ng mga friends namin, mali daw position ng door and gate namin kaya madaming lost spirits na dumadaan doon.

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