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    Sep 2003
    Gusto kong batukan yung nanay ng bata na ito. She was pleading not to pre-judge her son, then she try to pull a fast one on the authorities. Yung masama pa, gumamit pa ng corrupt police officials sa pagpuslit. Yung nabuking, nawala parang bulah!

    Aguilar nephew nabbed in Zambo

    AN alert navy captain helped authorities thwart an alleged attempt by a 22-year-old Filipino-American, involved in a recent road accident that killed a Malacañang official, to leave the country on Monday.

    Jason Aguilar Ivler was arrested by agents of the National Bureau of Investigation's (NBI) Western Mindanao Regional Office and the Bureau of Immigration (BI) on board the M/V Lady Maryjoy 2 as it was about to sail for Sandakan, Malaysia.

    Immigration officials said police who acted as Ivler's escorts initially refused to turn over the youth to them, but relented when NBI agents told the group that Ivler was the subject of a hold-departure order.

    NBI Director Reynaldo Wycoco and BI commissioner Alipio Fernandez presented Ivler before the media Tuesday.

    Ivler had an outstanding arrest warrant issued by the Pasig Metropolitan Trial Court, but was able to post bail. He was released from NBI custody Tuesday afternoon. A hold departure order had earlier been issued against him.

    Ivler was at the wheel of a Toyota Prado that had collided with the Isuzu Trooper driven by Undersecretary Nestor Ponce Jr. at the C-5/Ortigas flyover in Pasig City on Aug. 8.

    Ponce, who was Presidential Assistant for Resettlement, died in the accident, while his wife Evangeline and Ivler were injured.

    The young man's mother, Marlene, a sister of singer Freddie Aguilar and the wife of an Asian Development Bank (ADB) official, Tuesday said her son had been receiving death threats.

    Because of the threats, the family said they were forced to post guards on a 24-hour watch for Ivler, a psychology student at the Hawaii Pacific University, who is here on vacation.

    Marlene added that her son did not escape from the police guarding him at the Asian Hospital in Muntinlupa City, where he was being treated for injuries.

    Ivler's lawyer Joseph Sagandoy, however, said he did not know about his
    client's plan to go to Malaysia.

    Ivler was nabbed on Monday afternoon after ship Capt. Joseph Tobias remembered reading about Ivler in the newspapers and became suspicious of the actions of Supt. Antonio Gumiran, allegedly from Camp Crame's directorate for operations.

    Gumiran reportedly asked the inspecting team not to disturb his friend (Ivler) who was resting inside the ship's cabin. Gumiran allegedly gave Ivler's passport to authorities for stamping later, and asked that the young man's name be excluded from the ship's list of foreign passengers.

    His suspicions aroused, Tobias called the immigration office in Zamboanga to check Ivler's name in the hold list. Upon confirmation, immigration officer Jakaria Madlahuddin and two marines boarded the ship and asked Gumiran to surrender Ivler. Instead, Gumiran allegedly offered $5,000 to the officials in return for letting Ivler go.

    Two other police officers allegedly tasked to escort Ivler to Malaysia had disembarked when Ivler was arrested. One of them was identified as Sr. Insp. Jeff Briones Uy, while the other was described as "someone who spoke Tausug."

    Philippine National Police spokesperson Chief Supt. Joel Goltiao said they were still verifying the identities of the police officers.

    Ivler is facing charges of reckless imprudence resulting in homicide, damage to property, and slight physical injuries.

    In a statement sent to the Inquirer Tuesday, the ADB said that as an institution, it enjoys certain privileges and immunities on the basis of the Headquarters Agreement with the Philippine government.

    "However, Mr. Ivler, as a dependent of an ADB staff member, does not enjoy diplomatic immunity," the statement said.

    Ivler is the stepson of an ADB official.

    "ADB is aware of the tragic accident which occurred on 8 August that resulted in the death of Undersecretary Nestor Ponce Jr. We can confirm that Mr. Jason Ivler, a dependent of an ADB Staff member was involved in the accident," the statement said. "However, ADB considers this to be a personal matter between the parties concerned and ADB is not directly involved," it added.

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    Oct 2002
    read this a while ago sa pdi...galing ng captain ng ship..buti nga sa ivler na yan..
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    Oct 2002
    gagu yun ah...

    i know the lalte ponce's son...ka batch ko kasi sa ateneo.

    grabe talaga ang gungong na ito.tatakas pa.

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    Oct 2002
    kanina narinig ko sa radio

    nahuli siya sa zamboanga habang patakas papuntang Malaysia.. sakay sa pumpboat huli isya nang mga authorities

    tapos sabi ni ka freddie aguilar. wag naman raw i judge ang pamangkin niya...

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    Feb 2003
    haha....yung nasa video na si kolokoy nakuha pa ngang ngumiti eh..siguro nasa isip nya...mga isang lingo lang ito makakatakas nanaman ako...
    grabeh dito sa pinas....daming tao na ba-bribe!

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    Mar 2004
    nakakaawa din naman yung family ni ponce. buti nga sa kanya

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    Oct 2002
    buti nga sa gagong yan.

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    Jul 2004
    dagdag inis: he was able to post bail and was granted bail.

    from what I heard, P 30,000 lang yung bail.

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    Jul 2004
    gago talaga yan buti na lang at nahuli siya ...pati yong mga pulis na kasama niya dapat na rin ikulong

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    Oct 2002
    Upon confirmation, immigration officer Jakaria Madlahuddin and two marines boarded the ship and asked Gumiran to surrender Ivler. Instead, Gumiran allegedly offered $5,000 to the officials in return for letting Ivler go.
    magkano kaya ang binigay ni Ivler kay Gumiran?

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