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    Feb 2004
    Hindi kasama Philippines nyan, di tayo nag dedevelop eh. paatras pa nga


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    Dec 2003
    renewable energy.

    siguro later, masanay narin mga tao mag drive ng trikes sized cars hahahah. dahil di battery, mawawala na mga dambuhalang SUV, kotose at i replace ng mga mr. bean na kotse.

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    Sep 2003
    31 pesos na bawat litro

    Oil price hike on Maundy Thursday


    Local oil firms continue to "crucify" the public with soaring petroleum prices as they announced an imminent price adjustment even on Maunday Thursday, TV Patrol reported Tuesday.

    On Wednesday midnight, oil giants are expected to increase their P30-per liter gasoline to P31.

    Ramon Villavicencio, president of small player Flying V, said they will implement a two-step increase by effecting a P0.50 adjustment on gasoline, kerosene and diesel products midnight Thursday.

    He said the balance of P0.50 would be imposed Tuesday next week.

    "Flying V has decided na 50 centavos sa midnight going to Thursday. People have already traveled and then sa Tuesday ulit going to Wednesday when people would have already come back," Villavicencio said.

    He also said oil price increases are expected to continue until April. It was not known if the other small players would adopt the two-step formula of Flying V.

    This is the fourth time that oil firms will increase their prices since January.

    Militant organizations and Civil Society groups are already up in arms over the unabated price increases.

    They are pressing government to repeal the Oil Deregulation Law, which allowed local oil companies to adjust their prices without regulation from government agencies.

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    Oct 2002
    despite na mahal ang diesel... these buses insists on plying the edsa route lesser than HALF EMPTY

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    Pakshet!!! mahigit 10 petot ang increase the last 2 years or so. Kailangan na mag tipid.

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    Feb 2004
    pa full tank nanaman ako mamaya. sakit na sa bulsa


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    Dec 2003
    pano na pag umabot ng 35! 40?! benta na natin mga 2.0 cuv at kotse, mag getz at jazz na tau hehe

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    makarma sana sila! mga bwaya!

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    Feb 2005
    patronize bicycles mga kakosa..!


    1) start learning how to ride a bicycle..

    2) BF should exercise more leniency pag sitahan sa karsada + impose doable rules to maintain road safety for bicycle riders..

    3) put up portable shower kiosks at strategic places of work..

    4) employers should implement a reward system for workers coming to work on bicycles..

    5) bicycle dealers offer discounts on its price tags..

    6) a scenario when the price of gasoline reaches a disproportionate value owning a car in the philippines is only and only a previlige for tongressmen & snatchenadors..

    7) condition our minds kung nagagawa nila sa vietnam bumisekleta e, tayo pa..

    dugtungan nyo nalang kung me kulang pa..hehrehrher..
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    Oct 2002
    why go on bikes when you can commute?

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