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    Jun 2004
    Its better talaga to assume that our states are poor..>>

    anarchy is one factor.

    Lalong yumayaman ang mayaman ganon talaga mangyayari lalo na kung paikot ikot lang o puro sa domestic lang ang circulation ng pera..wage earner mananatiling wage earner tapos pag naka pagisip na mag business, yung employee naman nya ang wage earner pasapasa lang..kaninu ba kinukuha ng business sector yung profit hehe kaya yun amaasenso..mababago yan pag mag export ang iba naman tayo kuha ng profit >>hehe

    (just my opinion)

    parang ganun scenario sa India madaming super rich, dami ring megapoor

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    Oct 2002
    We are not poor..some of us just rely on the government too much to uplift our lives. Sa panahon ngyn di na ako umaasa sa gobyerno..kayod na lang ako ng kayod

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    Oct 2002
    ang galing ng sinulat ni theveed

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    Dec 2003
    one more thing, we are not producing new goods or services with a lot of our jobs.

    ex. gasoline boy/girl. they do have a job, but does it produce a product or something? For example in our country if a gasoline boy/girl puts gas and in China he/she makes toys. In the long run who will benefit? China since they have toy that they can sell, the gasoline boy/girl give convinience to us which cant be sold. Although ang mahirap sa atin the self service did not take off also dinadaya at sisirain ang pumps. Dati Shell used to have selective stations na self-service.

    Well only way to help a bit is to try and educate people you encounter with regarding sa sinabi ko na jobs you take must be able to produce new goods or services. Dapat it does not end after you have performed the job.

    Competition lang iyan with the other countries. Kung tamad tamad tayo, poor tayo. Siyempre there are other factors like political, etc. Pero out of control na natin iyon, katamaran nasa sa atin sarili.

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    Dec 2003
    btw ngayon hindi ako nag produce ng new goods... nagbabasa lang ako ng tsikot... bad example ako....

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    Oct 2002
    Originally posted by theveed
    Goes to the ever-whining, ever-complaining urban poor who leeches off the money earning crowd to feed their own "needs".

    Bullcrap that 70% of Filipinos can't even buy food while they have the money to buy drugs, cigarettes, gin and juice... 1.50/cig may not sound much, 5 sticks a day will yield 7/day. x 30 days = 350/month on cigarettes... If you used that money to buy NFA rice at P15/kilo, that's 23kg of rice in a month.

    May pera pang pambili ng pre-paid!

    Isa pa... Look around... Jeeps drivers, Tricycles drivers, Vendors, etc don't pay taxes... but they use the road, exhaust our patience and resources, empty our gas tanks with traffic, etc. Who's paying for them? The working class.

    i agree with this... an example:

    just this week, i passed along caloocan to see rows of jeepneys lined up for a carwash.

    hahaha... ako nga i wash my own car kasi mahal ang carwash... tapos sila sosyal pa nagpapa carwash...

    to top it off... they were drinking beer while waiting for their jeepneys to be washed. this is around 6:30AM!!!


    but in fairness, not all of them are like that (but MANY are). some are very hardworking. some jeepney drivers here in our subdivision even has their own houses!

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    Oct 2002
    in the 1960's we were second only to japan in asia in economic might.

    the the 1960's south koreans come to our country to learn. they were simply envious of how much natural resources we have, from rich farmlands to mining, fisheries, lumber, etc. the south koreans can only plant rice once per year since they have all 4 seasons.

    the the 1960's, 70's and even in the early 80's thailanders, malaysians, indonesians, and even singaporeans come to the philippines to study in our universities. our schools were the best in asia.

    but now kulelat na tayo sa kanila. masyado kasi tayo proud. so proud that masyado tayo bilib sa sarili natin, na kesyo mayaman ang pinas e pwede tayo magpabaya.

    on the other hand, the south koreans forgot their personal comforts and dedicated their toils to developing their country. now they are second to japan.

    the thai, indon, malay and singaporeans put what they have studied in the philippines to good use, and they even imported our best professors to teach in their universities. so ngayon naiwanan na nila tayo.

    ang mga graduates natin nag-work sila ngayon as dh. dh sa singapore at hongkong, kaya naman yung mga anak ng mga amo nila ang gagaling sa math and science because their dh from the philippines also acts as their tutors at home. samantala yung mga anak ng mga dh na naiwan sa pilipinas wala na nagtuturo, nalibang pa sa bisyo.

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    Jul 2003
    May pera pang pambili ng pre-paid!
    amen! mga mokong kuripot sa pagkain at sa ibang bagay pero pagdating sa prepaid gastos agad... txt ng txt hanggang maubos

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    Mar 2004
    ganon talaga cguro ang utak ng karamihang pinoy.. they tend to wait for their luck ... IMHO, sacrifice at discipline ang kailangan natin... wala kasing discipline ang karamihan eh.. puro's apakan, yabangan.... e karamihan ng mga magagaling nating mga propesyunal ay nangingibang bansa dahil walang nakikitang "future" here sa sariling bansa eh... babalik na lang daw sila pag may naipon na...

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    Oct 2002
    so malamang di na babalik hehe

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