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    Jul 2004
    economic figures are fudged by the philippine government. the best indicator is a real visit to the philippines and a first hand look.

    numbers cannot capture real unemployment or underemployment

    even outside third party independent data gathering agencies find it hard to get any real and accurate economic data on the philippines

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    Jul 2004
    AFAIK, when filipinos are willing to face probably death in a foreign country for work compared to certain death due to hunger and lack of work in our own country, this says a lot

    nakakalungkot pero totoo

    ang tanong dyan ay anong ginangawa natin para umasenyo naman ang ating bayan para sa lahat ng pilipino

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    Jun 2004
    oo nga mahilig tayo or others sa high end status luks pero most are just credit.. kalakaran na kasi part of mentallity!!..>>

    pero nakikita ko papahirap satin eh hilig ng few or other pinoy sa import gods, pero export natin cant justify sa import even local produce product eh ini import pa..>>

    What will happen if we cant balance import & export, tapos sabayan pa ng population explo..>>

    local small~mid~big scale entrepenaur is a must, dapat domestic & export ang market.. hehe

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    Feb 2004
    Poor talaga tayo.......medyo show off lang talaga ang mga Pinoy...That means, May kayabangan! kapag may bago ang kapitbahay, kailangan maungusan nya yun kahit ipangutang! Kaya in reality, baon sa utang!

    May research ang isang NHK correspondent(japanese) na ang mga Pinoy daw ay Pleasure Seekers...palaging nasa mall kahit walang bibilhin(magpapalamig).... Nagka-cash advance para lang makabili ng top of the line gadgets like cellphone.... ang masama pa nyan.....Ang haba ng Pila sa Lotto! Gustong maging Instant Millionaire ....

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    Oct 2002
    yes we are poor!!! Of course, thats why our status is 3rd world, sad to say.

    I live near a not so slum area, kung icocompare mo yung mga may kaya sa lugar namin at mga tambay at yung mga isang kahig isang tuka, mas marami yung mahirap talga.
    Dun na lang, makikita mo na, by measuring a small area at calculating the values, and add it up to the wholeness, makikita ang sagot. Di ba yung ang ginagamit sa statistics.

    Plus, yung yaman natin, compared sa ibang bansa(us, canada), pag dinala natin dun, maliit lang lumalabas, considering na mataas ang standard of living dun

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    Oct 2002
    Originally posted by M54 Powered
    may i humbly suggest looking at some key economic indicators?

    per-capita GDP
    unemployment rate
    % of population below poverty line
    this doesn't show the REAL economic condition of the philippines.

    AFAIK, the underground economy of the philippines is VERY big. not to mention the unrecorded overseas remittances of OFWs.

    as I said. the key economic indicators of Vietnam & the Philippines is almost at par with each other. but go visit Vietnam and you'll see how worse they are compared to us.

    am also not saying that the Philippines is comparable to the wealth of First World countries - but that doesn't mean that we as a nation is really that poor.

    or are Filipinos that pessimistic about themselves?

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    Oct 2002
    This is a complicated topic IMO... When i read our financial/economic reports, i just cant seem to grasp them with regard to what i see outside. But we are lagging behind other Asian countries that we have been ahead of before.

    Just here at the office, a lot of the peeps i see buy stuff like new cellphones on "gives"... I think one bottomline for us wage earners is practice living within our means.

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    Oct 2002
    marami pa ring poor dito sa atin.
    if you'll try to visit na lang our public schools and public hospitals, makikita ninyo ang reality na maraming nagtitiis na lang para mabuhay.
    2-3 patients minsan sa isang kama.

    crime rate is high, punong-puno ang mga city jails natin dito. yung iba nakakalaya pa kasi tamad na magfile ng kaso ang mga biktima tulad ng sa mga snatching.

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    Jan 1970
    i just finished a 66pages paper on this!

    anyway, just to share a few info, the economic indicators do not speak for all the filipinos, it is actually limited to the middle class.
    why? it's because they are the ones who pay the right taxes! rich people own big businesses and seldom put the right amount on their ITR! the poor and the very poor do not pay taxes at all!

    it is true that the poor are becoming poorer, no jobs, no food to eat.

    the arroyo administration actually has good economic policies, very tempting for foreign investors but because of other factors like terrorism they still prefer to invest in other asian countries like singapore and thailand

    the economic policy that i really appreciate and i believe would be beneficial is their promotion of local entrepreneurship. They promise to help local industries and businesses, they believe that this will pave way to more jobs for filipinos!

    i made this paper in 10days, but it opened my eyes to the real scenario i got a 98 for this!hehehe
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    Oct 2003
    gud day fellow tsikoteers. Sa tingin ko naghihirap na talaga ang pinas kc ung mga sinasabing mga rich ay concentrated lang sa mga urban areas. we must take into account that there are much much more pinoys today. so kung marami tayong nakikitang umaasenso mas marami dun ang naghihirap.

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Is the Filipino that Poor?