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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by theveed
    masisisi nyo ba talaga yung tao, I mean, she was born an american. Di naman ethnicity ang tinatanong.

    if i remember the article right, the question was not if she was american or filipino. it's more on the line of her being proud of her filipino roots because filipinos are known to be very good in music. sure she is american by birth, but that was not what was asked.

    i'll try to find the article if it's still in the archives (if i can remember which newspaper that was).

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    Oct 2002
    oh well...

    basta Filipino ang ethnicity kasi, ang mga Pinoy eh gustong i "adopt" agad. heck, she was born & raised there as an American citizen.

    maybe she's just *forced* into all this Filipinization thingie by showbiz, money or fame. just taking advantage of the situation.

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    mmm... just curious how's her album doin in the billboard charts? Diba may movie din siya? just saw it in the news few a weeks back

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    Jul 2005
    Pansin ko lang,mas maraming magagaling na singers na based jan sa atin sa Pinas,dito sa Amerika pag sinabi ng ibang Pinoy or pag tinanong kung kilala nila si Jasmin,sagot lang "Jasmin WHOOO??? ..kaya lang naman sya nagtagal sa American Idol kase ang dami nyang supporters from Hawaii . Dapat siguro mas bigyan nila ng support I mean yung mga kababayan natin sa Pinas yung mga may totoong talent ..I don't know about you guys,but I'd rather listen to Nina,MYMP at yung iba pang talagang may boses

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    Dec 2003
    IMO she's not even that good a singer, local 'star in a million' singers and the like have much better talent in singing than her. wag na kasi pilitin kng di pwede :bwahaha:

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    Jul 2005
    ^^^ +1

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    Sep 2003
    yah napanood ko din yun nung tinanong ata sya ni simon. she said she's hawaiian.

    alam ko yung velasco pa ata ang nagsabi na yung father nya is a filipino.

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    Oct 2002
    just let it go...she's one of those people who have had their 15 minutes of fame and are just trying to prolong it even though they don't have the talent to do so. but shes cute though :D

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    May 2004
    "Jasmine said she had tried such Pinoy dishes as chicken adobo, sinigang na hipon, chicken tinola and palabok. She declared turon as my favorite, with the brown sugar and langka She said people had been offering her balut. I dont think I can ever eat it, though."

    amp.. don't tell me, her mom doesn't cook these at home. and dami daming filipino
    stores and resto sa hawaii e parang pilipinas na rin dun sa dami ng pinoy.

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    Oct 2002
    Put*(*&$ inang Jasmine yan. Mabuti pa yung isang candidate na Pinay (although walang stage personality or presence) ang sinasabi sa American Idol...MABUHAY. Samantalang si Jasmine, ALOHA lagi amf.

    masisisi nyo ba talaga yung tao, I mean, she was born an american. Di naman ethnicity ang tinatanong.
    theveed, I believe the only reason why she was being asked is to know her ethnicity. It would be hilarious to ask about her citizenship. Afterall, ethnicity is what matters when it comes to bragging rights and not citizenship.

    Sinabi nya American eh kitang kita naman na hindi caucasian ang skin nya. And she was trying to claim to be HAWAIIAN although Pinay na Pinay naman sya. Dont tell me CITIZENSHIP ang hawaiian?! :evillaugh Actually, walang HAWAIIAN na pinay/pinoy, ILOCANO and ILOCANA meron. Ang hawaiian na babae, malaki ang panga at ang mga buto.

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The Filipinization of Jasmine Trias