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    Oct 2002
    a basta shyat up Digs! :D

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    Oct 2002
    Huwag na nating pag-usapan kung tama ang
    posisyon ni Congressman Ding-A-Ling Dilangalen..Kahit tama pa siya, ******* pa rin
    siya. Hindi siya kagalang-galang. Babastusin siya.
    Mabuti nga sa kanya at natalo siya!!

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    Apr 2004
    Ding-A-Ling Dilangalen = hindi ako nanonood dahil sa kanya eh. nakaka-irita... ano feeling niya may natutuwa pa sa kanya? delaying lang siya eh... TALO kasi siya... dindedelay niya... para tumagal pa term niya, hehehe... pero totoo naman eh he should shut-up... walang kwenta yun mga pinagsasabi niya... minsan gamitin niya nga utak niya, pang-gulo lang siya eh... dapat sa kanya hindi pansinin, magstart na yun proceedings igapos na lang siya sa isang tabi...

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    Oct 2002
    Originally posted by M54 Powered
    yes, if you stand up and yell and scream or otherwise disrupt the proceedings. not if you're simply passing notes that can be ignored or disregarded.

    and to be thrown in jail or taken into custody by the police?? that's ridiculous.

    by your logic if i pass a note to a lawyer in a courtroom the judge should throw me in jail for contempt of court...come to think of it, i was told to leave the classroom once in elementary school for passing notes. baka yun ang tamang parusa dito sa babaeng to ;)
    passing note among you (spectators) or even to a congressman for that matter is ok, as long as the note doesn't contained any malicious is the practice in congress precisely so people won't be able disrupt the proceedings...and for her to pass a note to a congressman while he was on a middle of questioning/speech, and telling him to shut up, is absurb.... do you expect any congressman to ignore such a note? we all agree that dilangalen is just delaying the proceeding and it is frustrating to all us.... but that is the priviledge of being a congressman....
    I'ts not about the personality, it's about the act.....

    yes, any member of the congress (lower or higher) can move for any spectator to be held in contempt if they deemed that it is appropriate, but that is if the leadership of congress act on the move......remember, mirrian siantiago on the impeachment trial, those ladies are just looking at her sharply...and she had them thrown out of the senate....

    yes, a judge might and not should throw you to jail or kick you out of the courtroom if the lawyer you have pass a note to requested it, and especially if you are asking that lawyer to shut up while he was in a middle of argument.....

    classroom and plenary hall rules are miles know that.... but I'm sure that to pass a note to your teacher while he/she is in a midlle of lesson/lecture and asking him to shut up would surely put you out of the room....;)

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    Feb 2004
    yung girl dapat ang naging congressman

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    Oct 2002
    Originally posted by Pencils

    You're way off. It was suzette Pido's right to tell him to " shut up " . That's feedback from the public, at least one of us. It was in a note, which made it personal and private feedback. There is no wrong there. Congressmen need feedback to see if they are serving their constituents to satisfaction.

    Dilangalen was wrong to blow his top and far more wrong to be telling the House Speaker, Gonzalez, to " shut up ". By doing so he displayed petulance and an inability to take what he dishes out. He violated decorum and order in Congress by his childish antics.

    why would I be way off? bec I don't agree with you? do you expect any congessman to ignore that note asking them to shut up while they have the floor? yes it might be a feedback or it's her right, but to do that in a middle of a congressman's speech is wrong... feedback should be send to the office of any congressman and not in plenary hall while in the middle of a session... there is no wrong there?? if I go with your line of reasoning then that lady doesn't have any right to give feedback to dilangalen bec I believe she not from maguindanao, hence not dilangalen's constituent.....

    it's just a matter of a wrong place and a wrong time....

    don't get me wrong but I also hate dilangalen for doing all his delaying tactics....but that is his priviledge as a congressman if he would read all the volumes of the encyclopedia just to delay the proceeding, he may do so, it's allowed by the law....I think one of the osmeña did that in the senate or is it the bible?........all my post might look that I'm defending him..... but I'm not, as I have post in my other reply it's not about the personality but it's the act....
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    Oct 2002
    dalawa actually yung binigay na note nila to francis escudero, which he raed and pocketed (tama least nalaman) and the second to dingolangelanen...of which digs sang shut up by the black eyed peas..very unbecoming of a congressman..

    heard a comment in an AM station.. "mali si dilangalen, as a politiko, dapat hindi siya onion skinned...he should be able to handle what is given to him..ang babaw ng rason niyang magwala.."
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    Oct 2002
    I dont think the words "shut up" is malicious.

    If the guy can't take a 'shut up', what more with real malicious words.

    The fact is, the guy just wants to get attention. Well, he got it..... even though it makes him look more like a fool.

    Really. Ang babaw naman ng utak nun. Tatakbo ng public office sabay cry-baby naman. Kawawa naman constituents niya, ang dali niyang mawalan ng composure kung ganon. Emotional, and obviously not a quick thinker.

    Bilangin na yan!!!
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    Oct 2002
    Hi everybody, did you received a note?

    joke lang po mga sir...

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    Feb 2004
    napanood ko kagabi sa news and sa ANC...

    si dingalen dalenggungung ek ek whatever his name is :D (di ko maispel eh ) hehe

    said shut up to the speaker! grabe, repeatedly pa. then sabay si mr speaker "You shut up!" but dingding continued "freedom of speech, shut up!" "shut up!" "shut up!"

    totally immature if you ask me... not professional and he even is held in a high position... tsk tsk...

    sya dapat iapkulong eh hehehe

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Female spectator tells Dilangalen to 'shut up'