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    Feb 2005
    which ones ur team mazda?

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    Oct 2002
    Sun Cellulite ako...

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    Feb 2005
    guys.. joined another league.. had a trade proposal. wat do u think?
    dirk and odom

    i have lebron.. should i do it?

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    spiff: interesting offer... I wouldn't go for it but it depends on your teams needs and who your gonna drop. Can you post your line up here?

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    Oct 2002
    just curious - anong round kinuha si Amare? it's really bad kung kinuha siya in the first 5 rounds. since roto kayo, you need to discount his stats by the amount of time he plays. for example, if he plays half the season and averages 30 pts and 16 rebs, he's worth as much as somebody who plays the whole season and gets 15/8. you can probably get one of those guys (like Troy Murphy or Abdur-Rahim) in a later round.

    spiff - as the owner of Lebron in the other league, it would take a LOT for me to give him up. however, that is a great offer for you - Dirk is probably the third-best fantasy player right now after Bron and KG, and you'll be getting the super-solid Lamar Odom in the bargain?! i'd take it in a heartbeat as long as i had someone else to drop.

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    Amare was taken in the 2nd round, granted since autodraft to maybe the owner forgot to rank him lower, I excluded him, Grant Hill and a bunch of stiffs off my player ranking.

    Interesting draft if you look at it some players going higher than expected(e.g. Kyle Korver in the 2nd round? Bobby Simmons in the 3rd? ) and some gems in the FA list. Overall my hard work in pre ranking players paid off plus a couple of more white hairs.

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    Feb 2005
    thanks.. ild heres my line up.. wat u think?
    l. james
    z. randolph
    r. artest
    b. miller
    r. wallace
    k. martin
    t. murphy
    l. ridnour
    n. kirstic
    r. bell

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    Keep Lebron, you already have Wallace, Miller, Krstic, Z-Bo and K-Mart thats 5 quality big men.

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    Oct 2002
    FYI, ILs are no longer supported by Yahoo.

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    Oct 2002
    teka spiff, pano napunta sayo si randolph e player ko yan?

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