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    Oct 2002
    Originally posted by theveed
    .. and i dont think ducks (or animals in general) are that dumb when it comes to avoiding basic survival instincts like falling... Just my 2c...

    ive tried throwing ducklings down the canal, the rarely fall unless you squeeze them in...

    joke lang yung last part hehe.
    Sadista talaga tong si David!

    Anyways, i think fake yung photos. notice that the width of the ducklings are greater than the hole.s
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    Nov 2002
    The pictures are retouched. First picture pa lang mali na ang lights. The ground light is high while the ducks' light seems to be shaded. Also the ducklings are "multiplied" - same duckling in different pose.

    On the third picture, it's obvious the duck is flipped horizontally to appear it's looking at the drainage. Plus, ang tigas ng pagkagawa - look at the sides of the duck, ang tigas.

    I'm a Adobe Photoshop user. Whoever made this photo is bad and ugly. Another reason why digital artists nowadays are not artist at all.

    Don't believe everything you see and hear.

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don't know whether to laugh or cry (story in pictures)