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    June 2011 abangan sa ating suking sinehan

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    Quote Originally Posted by tidus1203 View Post
    Kung nag-asawa na ako and nagka-anak na ako I will just have one kid. Non negotibale yan with the Messrs unless the Messrs agrees to pay for the tuition of the 2nd child then sige pwede!

    sobra forward-looking ka naman

    pati future inflation ng tuition fee na-take into consideration mo na

    sabagay, kung ngayon magkano na ang tuition, ano pa kaya kung 10 or 20 years from now

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    Feb 2008
    Just to give you an idea on tution fee inflation...

    During my time and I am not that old I graduated in 2004, my trimestral tuition in DLSU was P32,000 more or less, my cousin now is paying in the P47K range 2010. Just 6 years and that's what we have come to...

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    Jul 2007

    Around 2008 grade school was around 100-120k already. It's so expensive to have children!

    And if you want to send your children to an elite school like Beacon it's gonna cost P400k + plus bond of P150k.
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    Oct 2002
    abangan ko to. hehehe. maka bili na rin ng laruan. haha

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by uls View Post
    yep gastos na naman for the parents

    di pa nga nakaka-recover sa gastos sa Transformers toys

    Lego pa

    then Cars 2!


    Cartoon Network is one big commercial/advertising channel.

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    Jun 2008
    agree gastos na naman to. another new set of collection na naman ng mga cars. ang dami pa naman inilalabas na mga iba-ibang design. at pati games din sa mga game consoles.

    on the other hand, maganda rin at may sequel na yung movie.

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    Nov 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by boybi View Post
    Cartoon Network is one big commercial/advertising channel.
    yup, yung mga children's TV networks (Nickelodeon, Disney Channel, Cartoon Network etc)... they're basically toy promoters

    companies like Hasbro, Takara Tomy, Bandai etc are primarily interested in selling toys

    they use cartoons & comics to create demand for their products

    though they profit from the cartoons & comics, their main business is toys
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    Dec 2005

    My youngest son will surely love this... Bedsheet, Pillow case, NightLight, a couple of his t-shirts, Pyjamas, Ref magnets for his school reminders, school bag, pencil case and others,- puro si Lightning McQueen....


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    Sep 2003
    As with its first outing, which wasn't a "hit" at the box office compared to other Pixar top grosser... But wait til those merchandising figures come out. August lalabas dito sa pinas...pero may TS ******* na ata.

    Box office champ "Cars 2" crunches critics - Yahoo! News

    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – "Cars 2," a Pixar sequel judged by critics to be the worst movie produced by the Disney-owned animation studio, sped to the front of the pack at the weekend box office in North America.

    According to studio estimates issued on Sunday, the massive merchandising opportunity earned about $68 million during its first three days of release across the United States and Canada.

    Heading into the weekend, both studio executives at Pixar's Walt Disney Co parent and industry pundits had doubted "Cars 2" would exceed the $60 million start for the first "Cars" in 2006.

    Indeed by one major benchmark, it did fall short since the inflation-adjusted opening for "Cars" was estimated at $72 million by analysts at Box Office Mojo. The sequel also had the benefit of premium pricing for 3-D engagements.

    Critics, who usually fall over themselves to praise Pixar movies, lambasted "Cars 2." The Wall Street Journal said the film "seldom gets beyond mediocrity," while the Chicago Tribune said it was "virtually joke-free." By contrast, Pixar's "Toy Story 3," which opened to $110 million a year ago, was among the best reviewed films of 2010.

    The target audience of young boys and their parents was clearly revved up by "Cars 2," giving the film a bullish "A-minus" in exit polling conducted by CinemaScore.

    Some on Wall Street worried that Pixar's impeccable movie-making credentials would be tarnished by an unseemly focus on churning out "Toys" memorabilia.

    "'Cars 2' clearly exists because of the massive merchandising success of the original film, which has driven nearly [size=2]$10 billion [/size]in global sales," Doug Creutz, an analyst at Cowen & Co, said in a commentary. "We believe protecting the brand value of Pixar is more important."

    As with Disney's recent "Pirates of the Caribbean" sequel, which badly trailed its predecessors in North America but was huge overseas, "Cars 2" is expected to fire on all cylinders internationally. The storyline follows the talking autos in Grand Prix races across Europe and Japan.

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