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View Poll Results: Sinusuot nyo pa ba ang butas nyong underwear?

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  • Yes.

    20 57.14%
  • No.

    12 34.29%
  • I intentionally put a hole for better ventilation

    3 8.57%
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  1. Join Date
    Feb 2009
    hindi ako nag bi brief...:D

  2. Join Date
    Apr 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by chrismarte View Post
    para dito kapatid....

    pag bacon at kumakalimbang na yung itlog ginagawa nang basahan
    haha dati ganito pantulog ko. pero ngayon nakaranas na ng emergency kaya ayoko na

    hindi na ko nakapagpalit sa taranta

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    Jan 2010
    When I was in my teens, I always imagined that there might be a time when I will get hostaged (like in a bank or something) and required to strip down to my undies... then, I and the other hostages will be released and media covers us... nakakahiya pag butas-butas ang undies in such a scenario.

    Actually, this line of thinking started when I was in college in UP Diliman. At that time, ROTC was still required and rather than spend my weekends marching aimlessly... I opted to join the Scout Rangers training... where we got training in jungle warfare and the like, which was loads of fun (not to mention we get to make fun of the other cadets who opted to join the Field Artillery and Infantry brigades). Well, one day, we were told to report in a secluded place then ordered to strip down to our briefs and socks. We were gonna simulate a prisoner of war escape! The rest of our clothes were dumped in the sunken garden, and we had to make our way there from Krus na Ligas without getting caught by our senior cadres, otherwise, each time we were caught, one article of clothing would be removed... which one it is is their discretion. It was 2pm in the afternoon, and we had up to 6 pm to make it to our destination. I had a couple of platoon mates who had baconed briefs so it was quite difficult for them to keep their undies up while running around campus, trying their best not to get caught. I was lucky not to get caught either, hehehe!

    Since that time, I swore I would always wear serviceable and presentable undies at all times

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Butas na underwear, sinusuot nyo pa ba?