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    Oct 2002
    mga pasaway na security... bawal bawal eh sila nga eto point and shoot... pag naka tutok ng baril sabay shoot...pera pera lang yan kung walang nag reklamo di ok.. may pumalag kaya back to normal..

    In some parts of russia bawala pa din mag pa picture.. pero yung mga tourist spot hindi naman bawala.. kaya nga take nothing but pictures.. tapos bawal ulol

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    Nov 2007
    saan ba nagsimula ung NO shooting policy? ano ung gov't body na nag impose?

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    Jul 2008
    Tripod lang pala, I'd like to see the guards' reaction to this tripod:

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    Nov 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by greatauror28 View Post
    One surefire way to dismiss the guards bugging you is by talking to them in English - with accent
    We used this plenty of times already. Since they cannot answer back and you pretend you don't understand them, they will leave you alone.

    More seriously though, they (guards) cannot classify high-end to low-end cameras. They just based the "professionality" of the shoot via the equipment / paraphernalias used,not only tripods but reflectors,strobes,etc. also. They have this mindset that if a photographer or a group of photographers uses these things, that only means they are professional.

    If you ask them why it is prohibited, they cannot even answer you straightly - coz they don't know in the first place why!
    Or sabihin mo sa guard sama siya sa picture r kung malapit na guard abot mo camera sabay sabi "boss, pakikunan naman kami, pang-FB lang"! :hysterical:

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"Bakit Bawal ako mag Photoshoot sa bansa ko"