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    Oct 2002
    to those people who say "she had it coming", "she asked for it", "she got what she asked for"...

    para kayong hindi nakaranas ng bar hopping kung magsalita kayo. pag may kasama ba kayong girl, say nagiisa lang ang girl tapos 6 kayong guys, does that mean the girl was asking for ***? does that circumstance give you the license to rape the girl? why is it that a guy can have clean fun with 6 girls but a girl can't have clean fun with 6 guys?

    and so what kung naki-inuman siya dun sa mga kano? and so what kung sumama siya sa van, assuming she still was lucid at the time? does that say "rape me"? e si mike tyson nga date na sila ng girl and she even went with him to the hotel room, guilty pa din ng rape. when a girl says "NO" and the guy still does it, it is rape. there is no other definition for it. read the law on rape, it clearly states that no matter what the circumstances may be if the victim did not give consent freely then it is rape.

    also a woman does not have to fight off her attacker for it to be considered rape. when there is threat of violence, especially if her life is threathened, then what more can a woman do? DO YOU EXPECT THE VICTIM TO DIE DEFENDING HERSELF FROM THE RAPE? bullsh1t! kahit ikaw na lalaki kung nasa loob ka ng muntinlupa pag sinabi sa iyo na tuwad ng prison mayor lalaban ka?

    so stop saying "she asked for it". no sane person will do that. and to those who insist on saying that "she asked for it" and "she had it coming", sana hindi mangyari yan sa nanay/asawa/anak/girlfriend/sister/lola/aunty/friend ninyo. if it does tignan lang natin kung masasabi nyo pa yan pag nagkataon.

    mods, sorry kung medyo mainit ulo ko. i have a beautiful wife and 2 little girls that i adore and will defend to the death. there are just some people here who are simply callous.
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    Dec 2003
    yebo has taken the words out of my mouth.

    i doubt some of you would post the same way if you knew the girl or worse if relative nyo

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    Aug 2003
    yebo:to those people who say "she had it coming", "she asked for it", "she got what she asked for"...

    hmmm, malamang eto rin ung nasa isip ng mga rapists.
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    Jul 2005
    yes i'm a girl who happens to be a filipina and also
    expecting ( baby due 6/06) but does that mean i
    have to side this woman who was saying she was
    raped by those 6 american guys? so please don't give me
    that "don't you have a mother , a sister , blah blah BS!
    bakit, wala ba kayong "tatay, kuya at mga kamag anak na
    lalaki" na nakikipag casual *** or kayo mismo nung mga
    binata pa kayo?

    none of us was there when all these things happened.
    so who are we to judge when we're not even sure what
    led them to have *** with her. i'm sure people have heard
    what this girl has got to say but have they really asked
    these guys their side of the story? and if they had talked
    about it ,sino maniniwala sa kanila kung gusto paniwalaan
    ng tao yung gusto gusto lang nila marinig.

    so, she tagged along with these guys just to have fun?
    aren't there other thousands of ways to do these than
    bar hopping? is this the only way this girl could think of..
    I don't know about you .. loud music + beer + *** ==
    i wouldn't call it clean pero sounds A LOT OF FUN to me..

    sabi nga ni Karding " a person is innocent until proven guilty".
    so until then I wouldn't consider this rape..
    Last edited by tinky; November 16th, 2005 at 12:14 AM.

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    Oct 2002
    innocent until proven guilty? but the thing is you already branded the girl guilty! you said it yourself, "she got what she asked for". and you even added "loud music + beer + *** == i wouldn't call it clean pero sounds A LOT OF FUN to me". those are your words di ba?

    the 6 guys are innocent until proven guilty but the girl is guilty until she proves herself innocent! how hypocrite can one be! now that is BS!

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    Mar 2005
    pag sumama ang isang girl sa anim na lalaki lalo na sundalo pa, expect the worst.

    malabo naman siguro sila kakanta sa banda with the girl as vocalist.

    pero kung pinagtulungan sya nun mga kano or gangbang ang nangyari, dapat lang

    tanggalin sa serbisyo yun anim kasi kahit saan ma-base yan mapa-Japan, china,

    or others, uulit at uulitin nila yan thrill seeking nila.

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    Jul 2005
    never did i say that the girl was innocent ...
    i said she asked for it from the get-go.

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    Dec 2003
    if it was 1 GI, even 2, pwede pa sabihin pineperahan nya mga kano. pero 6?? as in SIX guys?? i dont know, but she would probably have to be a ****star to agree to have *** with 6 guys. or be stupid enough to think that she'd get away with blackmailing them all.

    lets not even get to the part where she was left out on the sidewalk.

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    Mar 2005
    ewan ko lang ha, but there's really one thing I've noticed about girls, they have this tendency to become wild. kumbaga parang ito yun counterpart if we guys want to look cool hehehe. there's really no scientific explanation for this coz it's a spontaneous feeling. and it hits them girls at some point in their lives the way we guys experience "rebel without a cause" tendencies.

    but that doesnt give us boys a license either to take advantage of this particular mental state. kahit ala coyote ugly or springbreak event pa ito, wag pilitin kung ayaw.

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    Oct 2002
    why don't we review the facts that are known?

    fact 1: she comes from a well to do family. her father is a captain in the army, they have 2 grocery stores in mindanao. not the type of girl who would become a prostitute, nor the type of family who would forego of their daughter's honor for money.

    fact 2. she was drunk, not excatly the state where she can give her consent freely. she was in fact unconcious after the accident. and not exactly the state of mind that can make rational decisions either. soplease stop saying it's her fault.

    fact 3: she was crying and asking for help during the act. there was a witness to this, the van driver. (and don't even say he recanted afterwards, judges give more credence to first testimonies than recantations.)

    fact 4: she tried to fight off the attack. she had bruises on her body indicating that she tried to fight her (alledged) attacker. there is medico-legal evidence to this.

    fact 5: she was dumped on the side of the road afterwards, unconcious. there are also witnesses to this, the people who found her. now if it were an act of casual ***, would she be dumped on the side of the road? dami hotel sa sbma, why not there?

    fact 6: she and her family are not asking for money, they said they will pursue the case no matter what.

    fact 7: this did not happen in the states where "casual ***" is an expectation when a girl goes to a bar. this happened in the philippines where women can (still) go to a bar, meet new friends and still expect to keep her honor. maybe she's naive, but that is not a crime is it?

    i'm not saying that the GIs are guilty either, but the facts say otherwise. make your own decisions, but please no biases. ang hirap kasi sa mga cases ng rape it's always the victim's fault. why do we always find fault in the victim of rape cases? is it because pinandidirihan na so in our minds it is her to blame?

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