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    Aug 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by Greaseman
    Doon ba nag shooting ang Bagets?

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    Mar 2005
    dapat buksan na yan kase medyo naluluma na, hindi naka-plasma display, talo pa ng sinehan

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    Jun 2005
    Another white elephant costing billions in taxpayers' money! Dapat buksan na ito! tsk...tsk....tsk

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    Mar 2005
    dapat kasi tigilan na ng Pinoy yun pakipagmatagisan sa mga dayuhan. granted na nga na may d pagkakaintindihan sa dalwang ito, yun ba naman magamit ng mga pinoy yun terminal eh solve na sila! imagine 2 years na sarado, it could have inspired a lot of pinoys to build terminals of their own sa mga respective provinces nila.

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    Jul 2005
    Kung maayos na yung gusot (legalities), di ganoon kadali yung mag-transfer. It would really take about 6 months to contruct the airlines' offices. Medyo matagal. Kanya-kanyang gastos ng airlines yung pag-construct ng mga kanya-kanyang offices. Medyo malaki rin ang halagang kakailanganin. Sayang talaga yung facility. Too bad, 3 terminals will be sharing the same runway (6/24).

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    Aug 2005
    Haunted na nga yan, everytime we do inspection routine dapat
    may kasama at laging may flashlight, one time while sa toilet
    ako jumijingle alone suddenly one urinal biglang nag flush. kahit mga
    sikyo madaming nararamdaman na kakaiba. At least 5 workers
    have lost their lives on that project.

    imho, I more like T2 design than the T3 (as a passenger) advantges sa
    T2 if you are arriving you can access to departure level to get a taxi.
    T3 has no access to departure so mapipilitan ka sa mga in-house cabs
    na sobra mahal maningil. T3 Public area such as the mga sasalubong have
    to wait outside few meters away from the departure exit which is under
    the elevated road pag umulan medyo mababasa sila. Bakit kaya di nila
    kinonsider yung indoor (aircon) public area for dep. and arrival kahit
    may entrance fee pa yan sigurado puno at malaki pa income nila. Dito
    sa changi napakaluwag ang public areas pero bihira maghatid at masalubong

    But physically T3 is more superior with regards to bldg. material (finishings)
    used and it's equipments than T2. So kung mabubuksan yan yung mga old timers
    sa naia 1 dyan ang distino hehehe... kakatakot, doon pa din ako T2
    immigration staff there are more friendly at di strikto.

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    Aug 2005
    eh kasi sa atin isang passenger ang aalis or dadating isang barangay ang mag send off at mag sundo. Kita nyo yan sa parking area parang may picnic. Magaling sana design pero bagsak sa plano.

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    Sep 2003
    me countdown billboard pa sila...

    ================================================== ==============

    Gov’t sets March 31 opening for NAIA-3

    First posted 02:52pm (Mla time) Jan 14, 2006
    By Nikko Dizon

    THE Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) is determined to make the mothballed Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 “fully operational” by March 31 -- and has begun a countdown to the big day.
    The countdown counter is the first thing that people would see when they step inside the main elevator of the MIAA administration building.

    As of yesterday, there were only “77 days left to complete works at NAIA-3.” Emblazoned across the counter was the slogan “We make things happen.”

    The countdown is a way to rally the MIAA staff and employees behind the goal of opening NAIA-3, said Robert Uy, an assistant to MIAA General Manager Alfonso Cusi.

    Cusi had earlier informed the Airline Operators Council of the March 31 target, but officials of the airline association indicated they had a few misgivings.

    “We’ll support the MIAA; that’s a definite commitment,” said Ed Monreal, former AOC chair. “However, everything must be put in order first... For us, the airlines’

    interest, such as our investments, should not be jeopardized.”

    Airline officials are particularly wary of unresolved legal issues between the government and the Philippine International Air Terminals Co. (PIATCo), the original operator of the NAIA-3. The pending issues are the subject of international arbitration.

    “Nobody wants to transfer because of the legal aspect,” Monreal said.

    Moreover, he noted, and airline representatives have yet to discuss the carriers’ standard operational requirements, such as office space, ramp condition, communication systems, signage, cargo handling facilities, and the access road that would connect Terminals 2 and 3.

    The AOC has maintained that the airlines need a lead time of six months to smoothly effect their transfer from Terminal 1 to NAIA-3.

    The MIAA has advanced 10 million dollars to the Japanese construction firm Takenaka Corp. for completion work on various terminal installations such as conveyors.

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    Sep 2003
    NAIA-3 to open in 2 weeks
    By Paolo Romero And Jose Rodel Clapano
    The Philippine Star 03/16/2006

    The Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 (NAIA-3) will open in two weeks’ time but will cater only to regional flights until the facility can be fully operational, Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita said yesterday at a press conference.

    The announcement came as the Supreme Court junked with finality the government’s second motion seeking to reverse the SC’s Dec. 19, 2005 decision ordering the government to pay the Philippine International Air Terminals Co. (Piatco) P3 billion before it could take over the operation of NAIA-3.

    The high court’s en banc resolution dated Feb. 21, 2006 was released to the media only yesterday.

    Ermita said the Palace would abide by the SC ruling ordering it to pay just compensation to Piatco.

    Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) general manager Alfonso Cusi said the money had already been set aside and placed in escrow at the Land Bank of the Philippines.

    "We have placed money in escrow just to show that we are willing to pay," Ermita said.

    He added though that the Palace would still insist on an independent valuation of the airport before paying Piatco.

    Palace sources said the timetable for NAIA-3’s soft opening was hotly debated in a Cabinet meeting with President Arroyo pushing for the opening now and Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez insisting that all legal implications must be studied first.

    Ermita disclosed that the timetable for the opening was completed by the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC), which is awaiting final approval from consultants, including TCGI Engineers.

    He said the firm would give its report on the structural integrity of NAIA-3 on Monday.

    "We just want that assurance (from TCGI) but we are really determined to open (the facility)," Ermita said.

    Cusi disclosed that the MIAA has long been preparing for the soft opening of NAIA-3 in preparation for a test run on March 31. However, they will not be able to fully open the terminal immediately since the facility has yet to be fully completed.

    After the soft opening, Takenaka Corp., Piatco’s sub-contractor, will finish the construction of the remaining two to three percent of the facility.

    Cusi also said that Cebu Pacific will be the lone airline to participate in the soft opening and the terminal will initially service its regional flights to Hong Kong and Incheon, South Korea.

    "Cebu Pacific has expressed its support for us on this," he said. "We can finish the work during the test run."

    The other international airlines operating at the NAIA said that their position would depend on NAIA-3’s timetable for opening.

    Leoncio Nakpil II, chairman of the Airline Operators Council (AOC), the organization of the station managers of the 29 international airlines at NAIA, said they will wait for the lease contracts to be issued to them by the government. After signing the lease contracts, they need a period of at least six months to construct their offices and ticket counters.

    Ermita said those who oppose the opening of NAIA-3 were still worried by "some stumbling blocks" which could jeopardize the government’s case before international arbitration courts, including the International Center for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) in Washington, where complaints about the government’s expropriation of the facility have been lodged.

    Piatco, and its German partner, Fraport AG, are demanding $565 million and $465 million, respectively, from the government for NAIA-3, which was built under a deal in 1998.

    Mrs. Arroyo, however, revoked the contract in 2002 after her legal advisers said the terms were unfavorable to the government. The case to expropriate NAIA-3 was filed in December 2004.

    Fraport filed a case against the Philippine government before the ICSID while Piatco lodged a complaint before the Singapore-based International Court of Arbitration.

    The SC upheld last year the government’s expropriation of the facility but ruled that due compensation must be given to the construction consortium.

    Ermita said the executive branch also sought clarification from the SC on whether, upon payment of just compensation to Piatco, the government could enter into contracts with other airlines and concessionaires to lease space at the airport. — With reports from Rainier Allan Ronda

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    Sep 2003
    Nawa mag open na sayang ang down time nila sa halip na kumikita

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