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    Sep 2003
    Sino sasagot kung naaksidente habang nagtest drive?

    A $1.5 million McLaren sports car was wrecked when a customer taking it for a test-drive met with an accident last week that left a truck driver with head injuries. The occupants of the car were unhurt.

    It was the second such crash for McLaren - a relatively new make part-owned by Singapore billionaire Peter Lim. There are only about 60 on the road here. Mr Lim himself drives one, among other cars.

    According to police, the 650S Spider convertible, which has a top speed of 329kmh and is able to reach 100kmh in 3.0 seconds, was on the Pan-Island Expressway heading towards Tuas when the incident happened close to midnight on June 11.

    The Straits Times understands that the tipper truck collided with a bus that had broken down on the left lane and veered sharply right into the path of the sports car, hitting it on the left side
    - See more at: $1.5m sports car wrecked in collision with truck while on test-drive

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    Dec 2005

    It is because they are "on the wrong side of the road"... :hysterical:

    “Familiarity breeds awe”

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    Sep 2007
    tindi ha yung truck driver pa injured.

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    Jan 2014
    Ang tibay pla ng Maclaren
    makakuha nga

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    Aug 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by Bin Diesel View Post
    tindi ha yung truck driver pa injured.
    The truck hit a bus first, according to the article.


    Insurance will have to pay for it... and if they're driving a sports car that expensive on the highway, the dealer MUST have insurance.

    The truck driver may be held partially liable, but no way does he or the trucking company have the moolah to pay for that kind of damage.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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