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    Jan 2010
    What are the sounds/music that you play along while cruising, (over)speeding or just travelling along with your benz?

    I have a blaupunkt radio/tape player and no cd in my 230e/w123 and it's hard to find tapes nowadays. Shirley bassey, neil sedaka, and paul anka are my initial tape collections from my dad's. When i get home to province i'll make butingting the other tape collections.

    Sa music stores kasi blank tapes na lang yata meron.

    Convert to CD? No plans.. i like it raw until supplies last.

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    Nov 2005
    bro, bili ka na lang ng tape adaptor tapos isalpak mo sa ipod, instant hi-tech agad yung jurassic stereo mo yung space under the handbrake handle is perfect for an ipod, parang sinukat, at least for the W201. may foresight talaga ang benz

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    Jan 2010
    Foresight, yes naman. Mas preferred ko nga lang ang tape talaga kung pwede lang plaka eh

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