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    Jan 2006
    Ah. The 80's......

    Strength - The Alarm

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    Dec 2005
    watching pearl jam in HDTV at the moment. still one of the best band around, with maybe the best frontman.

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    Aug 2005

    Omarion - Ice Box

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    Nov 2006

    Because of You - NE-YO

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    Jul 2005
    Be My Number Two - Joe Jackson

    Won't you be my number two
    Me and number one are through
    There won't be too much to do
    Just smile when I feel blue

    And there's not much left of me
    What you get is what you see
    Is it worth the energy
    I leave it up to you

    And if you got something to say to me
    Don't try to play your funny ways on me
    I know that it's really not fair of me
    But my heart's seen too much action

    And every time I look at you
    You'll be who I want you to
    And I'll do what I can do
    To make a dream or two come true
    If you'll be my
    If you be my number two

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    Apr 2007
    [SIZE=4]Ciara Like A Boy Lyrics [/SIZE]

    (What I'm talkin' bout')
    Security codes on everything
    Vibrate so your phone don't ever ring
    (Joint Account)
    And another one he don't know about

    Wish we could switch up the roles
    And I could be that...

    Tell you I love you
    But when you call I never get back

    Would you ask them questions like me?...
    Like where you be at?
    Cause I'm out 4 in the morning
    On the corna roll'n
    Do'n my own thing

    What if I?
    Had a thing on the side?
    Made ya cry?
    Would the rules change up?
    Or would they still apply?
    If I played you like a toy?
    Sometimes I wish I could act like a boy

    [Keep a straight face when ya tell a lie
    Always keep an airtight alibi
    (Keep Him In The Dark)
    What he don't know won't break his heart [/SIZE]
    [SIZE=4]If I was always gone
    If the sun beat me home
    (Would Ya Like That?)
    Told you I was with my crew
    When I knew it wasn't true
    (Would Ya Like That?)
    If I act like you
    Walk a mile off in yo shoes
    (Would Ya Like That?)
    I'm mess'n with your head again
    Dose of your own medicine


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    Jan 2006
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    Jan 2006
    More MXC

    Meat Handlers vs Cartoon Voice Actors at YouTube
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    Jan 2006
    Doctor Who seems to be popular for homemade music videos.....

    Recovering The Satellites - Counting Crows

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    Jan 2006
    This video keeps getting posted, removed, and reposted.

    But, The Cult remains one of my favorite bands.

    Love Removal Machine

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