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    Aug 2003
    seems that the producers of Xena and Hercules shows in the 90's got a deal with Terry Goodkind for producing a tv series based on the Sword of Truth series of fantasy novels. the show's title is Legend Of The Seeker.

    this series is much more serious than Xena and Hercules - not much comedy and the fights, i think, are better. another good thing is there will be a lot less preaching of Ayn Rand objectivism here.

    personally, i don't like the changes (the usual with hollywood) made with the story.

    the show - now up to episode 5 of season 1 - is already available on *******.

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    Oct 2002
    Any reviews on the TV series by itself? I have seen the *******s being available but haven't downloaded it yet.

    Is it good and engaging or boring?

Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth is now a TV series (Legend of Seeker)