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    Sep 2003
    Quote Originally Posted by chua_riwap
    Have you seen Sony's latest RPTV (3LCD tech)? It comes with 60, 50, and 42 inch wide screen models. They're all over SM, Automatic and Anson's appliance centers. This is much better than the other RPTV models. Brightness, contrast, and color is much improved and is HDTV ready also.

    Prices are not cheap though. 50" is almost P289K and the 42" model is P200K.
    A HDTV should have either DVI or HDMI inputs. These are the input of choice for the upcoming Blu-ray DVD and HD-DVD for the upscaling features. I think the Sony TVs here in RP don't have these feature.

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    Nov 2004
    Quote Originally Posted by oldblue
    *voltes V, are you in the US? if you are, kakaiingit sa inyo dyan coz the price of LCDTV is less than 60k. dito, ang mahal ng LCDTV, 20" would cost 80+ K and d pa masyado kilala brand like Syntax or Colin.

    My dream PC Monitor is a widescreen LCDTV "32 with DVi running on a PCI-Express Vidcard. Napakasarap siguro mag-internet nito and also playing games like HL2, Battlefied 2, & San Andreas and others ... all-in-one, may TV, DVD viewing and hi-res monitor ka pa!
    Sa Canada po ako sir. Yes your right, its cheaper here abraod. My panasonic 20 inch LCD was priced * around 55K pesos and my 60 incher DLP was around 200K pesos but still is cheap considering the prices we have back home. Yung 27" LCD na Kosch ko naman( D kilalang brand) for my gym/bedroom mura din,mga 45K pesos lng. The toshiba brands naman are only half the price of the panasonic but still has very good picture detail.
    The panasonic TV sets here really have very good features. My DLP for example has PC Display capability plus photo viewer PCMIA and SD card slots which I find very cool to have. I've heard that sony also has this but added these features only recently. The panny and sony prices naman have almost the same price range.

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    Oct 2002
    ano naman yun DLP? hay ayaw ko na yan RPTV meron pa rin palang maintenace..I think I'll og with the samsung CRT slim type 32" widescreen... napagisip lang kasi ako dahil same price lang sila ng RPTV ng sony, LG and philips which is 42" naman... I'll buy this weekend na. guys kung meron kayong experince dito sa samsung paki post before weekend..thanks

    so I think in the long run mas ok siguro para in ang meron picture tube..

    1080i HD Ready Natural Scan 100hz
    DNIe (Digital Natural Image engine)
    Nano Pigment Technology
    Virtual Dolby Surround
    20 Watts Sound Output
    2 Tuner Multi PIP, Double Window
    Offers True Compatibility with Progressive Scan DVD Players
    2 HD/DVD Component Video Inputs (Auto Sensing)

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    Oct 2002
    shadow, we have a 57" RPTV for a few years already. la naman maintenance & sira (except when the household help unplugged it from the 110V transformer & plugged it to the 220V outlet). that costed us around P5-7K in damages.

    dapat lang nga medyo dim yung room (with heavy curtains) to maximize your RPTV. watching local channels - medyo bearable naman. pero once you pop-in a VCD or DVD... SULIT!!!

    not as crisp when as CRT but when watching back from 10 feet sobrang ganda!

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    Aug 2003
    this is my big puzzle...

    you can get the toshiba 43" 4:3 RPTV for 70k, +5k gets you a 5.1 speaker and DVD player
    the LG 42" 16:9 format is 75k, with no freebies
    the sony 43" 4:3 is 80k, with no freebies
    the samsung 42" 4:3 is 80k, but is bundled with a 21" CRT TV (an ordinary one)

    (all are the prices at the ongoing BPI 0% installment scheme at glorietta)

    all of them are 1080i ready. question is, saan ka maghahanap ng 1080i na signal? mukhang wala naman silang HDMI or DVI input!!

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    Aug 2003
    another thing i noticed is... with the common CRT TV's when you get close there is pixelation (due to the invar shadow mask i believe) but with the RPTV there's no pixelation. just my experience..

    if you want a progressive-scan TV, cheapest na yung mga RPTV. the cheapest direct-view (CRT) TV na may progressive-scan is 72k!! and it's only a 29" or 32" model.

    i was just pissed off at the sony "techie boy" at glorietta. when i asked him kung merong 1080i yung 43" na wega, sabi niya "merong progressive-scan ito, 480p, and that's better than 1080i" like duh! of course progressive/non-interlaced is better than interlaced, but AT THE SAME RESOLUTION. there's no comparing 1080i with 480p!!

    of course this may all be moot since wala namang 1080i signal right now, at least until lumabas ang blu-ray / HD-DVD.

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    Oct 2002
    you can get the toshiba 43" 4:3 RPTV for 70k, +5k gets you a 5.1 speaker and DVD player
    medyo nagdadawalang isip pa ako sa LG na 16:9 pero ang toshiba ang unang tibok ng puso ko

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    Aug 2003
    maganda nga yung toshiba... at pinaka-mura pa.
    pero kung letterboxed yung DVD's mo, the 16:9 format will give more viewable area (mas maliit yung black bars top and bottom)

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    Oct 2002
    this TV will exclusively use for DVD watching, so I don't have any problem with our local/cable channels, another consideration is maliit lang ang TV room namin which is around 3mx3m or 3.5mx3.5m lang, so by asking around most probably masyado ng malaki sa size ng room namin yun 43" and up, kaya nakita ko itong 32" ng samsung and wide screen pa siya parang mas ideal sa settings ko ito? meron naba sa ianyong meron experince sa samsung TV? tapos diba pag RPTV to get the full potential dapat meron minimum distance? suggest naman, I really want the biggest screen pero baka hinde rin pwede sa size ng room ko....
    Last edited by shadow; September 26th, 2005 at 12:52 PM.

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    Oct 2002
    kimpoy, ako rin napaisip dyan sa LG na yan, sabi sa akin phase out na dw kasi yan model kay sale na lang...
    yan na lang dalawa pinagiisipan ko samsung CRT 32" wide screen or LG RPTV 43" wide screen...

    tulong mga tsikoters!!!!

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