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    Jan 2003
    ....pano pa kaya yung mga kanta ng parokya ni edgar? eh lyrics lang pinapalitan nila dun diba? do they have some sort of a permission for that?

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    Oct 2002
    Rip Off tapos mag Award pa yung song writer ng PBB.. ok yon ahhh Original Pirated.. Dapat kasi yung kay Bamboo nalang na "Noypi" ang ginawa nilang song ng PBB. baka mas orig pa

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    Nov 2002
    kung hindi ako nagkakamali ang freestyle din may kantang sikat na halos parehong pareho ang tono lyrics lang ang pinalitan i just forgot which.. i think it was "til i found you" or "this time"?? yun kinopyahan yun ay nawala na talaga sa isip ko...

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    Quote Originally Posted by scarab
    ....pano pa kaya yung mga kanta ng parokya ni edgar? eh lyrics lang pinapalitan nila dun diba? do they have some sort of a permission for that?
    Si Robert Javier din ang nag-produce ng first album nila if I recall..

    and if I do remember right, they weren't able to include the song "Chikinini", a parody of Yano's "Banal Na Aso, Santong Kabayo" in the first album because Yano didn't allow them then.

    Meaning, nagpaalam sila kung pwede gamitin..

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    Apr 2004
    ang parokya naman halatang parody. they don't deny naman that they do the songs as a parody of the original. kahit yung bago nila kanta, yung UMORDER SA WAITER, sabi nila sa NU talaga parody of a System of a Down song. para sa akin ok lang yun kasi inamin.

  6. FrankDrebin Guest
    Orange you glad they’re no lemons?

    THE MEMBERS OF THE BAND ORANGE AND LEMONS offer no apologies when people find similarities between their compositions and other artists’ recordings.

    “We have no malicious intent,” says vocalist and guitarist Clem Castro. “In fact, we’re not even aware that such songs already exist.”

    A case in point is “Pinoy Ako,” the theme from the reality TV show, “Pinoy Big Brother,” which, according to an online forum, is a rip-off of The Care’s “Chandeliers.”

    Clem and his bandmates Mcoy Fundales (acoustic guitars/vocals), JM del Mundo (bass) and Ace del Mundo (drums/percussions) say that “Pinoy Ako’s” melody and lyrics, written by songwriter Jonathan Manalo, are all original. But they admit that the arrangement is already a mish-mash of varied influences, including some from Rey Valera.

    The band says criticisms aren’t new to them. When they were starting out seven or eight years ago, they would get flak from new wave hard cores who accused them of being poseurs.

    we never personally announced that we’re a new wave band,” Clem clarifies. “We were required by bar owners to do covers in our gigs and we chose mostly ’80s new wave stuff because we observed that no other band was doing it.”

    Mcoy says they are basically a pop-rock band that’s heavily influenced by British groups like the Beatles and the Smiths, not only musically, but also fashion-wise. Clem has also imbibed the accent, which slips out when he sings. All this British-ness has stirred up another criticism—that they are pretentious.
    Anglophiles from Bulacan

    The guys may be self-confessed Anglophiles but they’re Bulacan natives at heart. For starters, they don’t have the stiff upper lip or the legendary dry humor of the Brits. They’re casual and easy to please. They hardly ever use “bloody” in their expletives and instead exclaim using Tagalog words that are considered archaic but poetic.

    But they do source some of their fashion finds from the UK. “As in ukay-ukay,” says the quartet, adding that they don’t go as far as donning trench coats to complete the look.

    Though the band gets more than its share of criticisms, they also get a lot of love from their new fans, who are hooked on “Pinoy Big Brother.” Thus, Universal Records will be releasing a repackaged version of their sophomore album, “Strike Whilst the Iron is Hot” (after their 2003 indie debut, “Love in the Land of Rubber Shoes and Dirty Ice Cream”). The popular theme song plus a couple of new songs will be included in the already packed 12-track CD.

    Clem says they got involved in the project when ABS-CBN, which airs the show and owns Star Records, approached Universal for a name and one boss recommended them. The network’s decision-makers need not be convinced since business unit head Lauren Dyogi was already won over by the band’s first hit song, “Hanggang Kailan.”

    “We’ve met all the housemates and we’ve shook hands with them but unfortunately we don’t get to watch the show,” confesses Clem.

    You see, the guys spend most of their time traveling (they take public transportation) from their homes in Baliwag, Bulacan to their gigs and appointments in Metro Manila and back. It’s tiring but they don’t mind.

    “Bottom line for us is the music,” the twentysomething fulltime musicians say. “We’re not here for the fame.”

  7. FrankDrebin Guest
    “We have no malicious intent,” says vocalist and guitarist Clem Castro. “In fact, we’re not even aware that such songs already exist.”

    - A Brit-rock wannabe Pinoy band doesn't know a Brit-song by a famous Brit-band? BS! Ayaw pa kasing aminin eh. :D

  8. FrankDrebin Guest
    Pero in fairness sumisikat sila kaya nga lang may sabit sa pangalan nila. Hehehe :D

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    Dec 2003
    "we're not here for the fame" BS alert!

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    Oct 2002
    sayang..gandang ganda pa naman ako sa "hanggang kailan" ganda pa ng tunog sa car. .
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Pinoy Big Brother Theme a rip-off from The Cares?