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    Oct 2002
    heres another site for the song. .
    Got Mazda?- [SIZE="1"]est. 2000[/SIZE]
    got mazda 2? -> mazda2ners

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    Apr 2004
    ripoff yan. kakainis nga love na love ko pa naman yung song na yan by The Care. problema, i hear that stupid PBB theme song everywhere. kakarindi.

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    Oct 2002
    ako hinayang sa orange and lemons. . i even found them original .. sayang. .

    parang chorus lang yung iniba ng OAL e.. .

    edit: had a chat with my friend. . .sabi sakin nasa credits ng album ng OAL yung chandeliers..hmmm..
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    Got Mazda?- [SIZE="1"]est. 2000[/SIZE]
    got mazda 2? -> mazda2ners

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    Jan 2005
    just heard the song.. very disappointing ang OaL.. plagiarizing a song just to submit something "creative" to ABS.

    its a complete rip-off for god's sake! melody, riffs, tanggalin lang ang string track and it's near identical... even the melody being done by the vocals...

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    Jan 2003
    I have both. Pinakinig ko sa nanay at tatay ko... rip-off talaga! Pinakinig ko sa kaibigan ko yung Chandeliers, akala nya PBB theme. haha

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    Aug 2005
    i only see one thing here -> PLAGIARISM!!! di ba nga nung college tayo it's considered a major offense!!!

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    Oct 2004
    "INSPIRED BY" is a gross understatement. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I think Rip-off is the right term..... but terms like LIFTED/SWIPED/SPLICED are more appropriate as a whole chunk of the Care's song is in the PBB theme. buti nalang nahiya sila sa chorus ng konti.

    Everyone is inspired by everyone else but I would bet my pinky that they had "chandeliers" playing while they are "writing" their song.... and even up to recording.

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    Dec 2003
    gs2 kasi instant fame e

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    May 2005
    hindi na ako magtataka kung rip off yun and kung sabihin nila na si rey valera yung iniisip nila for inspiration and style to make the PBB songs. eh as you can see naman mukhang 60's 70's look sila so no wonder na alam nila yung mga lumang artist and yun din tugtugan nila so...the point is dun nila na kuha yun.

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    Mar 2005
    kaya pala parang narinig ko na yun.

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Pinoy Big Brother Theme a rip-off from The Cares?