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  1. FrankDrebin Guest
    What's your reaction?

    Here's a link for the The Cares - Chandeliers.mp3


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    nadiscuss na ata to sa pbb thread, technically di daw ripoff

  3. FrankDrebin Guest
    Music writer blows whistle against Orange and Lemons

    The sore truth is that pop band Orange and Lemons ripped-off "Chandeliers" by ‘80s duo The Care and used the melody for "Pinoy Ako" according to music correspondent Giselle Roque who beseeched Manila Bulletin after she read an article this broadsheet published last Oct. 5.

    "When I was posting e–mails that certain artists did not ask permission [from The Care] and copied ‘Chandeliers, I did not mention Orange and Lemons. But they were the ones who reacted and posted their own defense in turn so that was the time that established na kinopya nila talaga yung kanta," Roque, who is also the niece of rock icon Sampaguita added.

    "‘We did make it Carish’ went Orange and Lemons ‘admission’ and they have the guts to say that these are two different songs?" pointed out Roque, who is a friend of Paul Simpson, who wrote and sang "Chandeliers" for the album "Diamonds and Emeralds."

    The other half of The Care duo is Ian Broudie. "Chandeliers" was credited to Broudie/Simpson, like the rest of the songs in the said album, published under Warner Chappell, Ltd. The Care, which was formed in 1983, was most noted for the singles "My Boyish Days," "Flaming Sword," and "Whatever Possessed You."

    Roque disclosed to the Bulletin that she could not believe it when Orange and Lemons posted on an e-group mail she received that they were just waiting to be noticed by Simpson and his camp. "They said, ‘At last, this is just what they’ve been waiting for—to get noticed.’ They also said that at least now, people are researching The Care’s music. My point is how could people research it if you don’t acknowledge that you got the song from The Care? Ang isinagot ni Clem (Castro of Orange and Lemons) ‘E bakit kami magpapaalam? Magpasalamat pa nga ang The Care at pinasikat namin ang kanta nila. It was really frustrating. They even wrote, ‘Do we have to find people who are avid fans of The Care and ask permission from them?’ Well, if they’d ask me, they didn’t have to track down Care fans, only the person who wrote the song they ripped–off."

    She further revealed that "Orange and Lemons said that they were pressured and did not know what else to do. Since they were listening to The Care, to that effect, they decided na ‘puwede’ ang ‘Chandeliers.’ I have the e–mail from Orange and Lemons to prove this including the time line explaining they had to rush the song because ABS-CBN gave them barely a week to do it and record the video for ‘Pinoy Ako.’"

    The said ‘time line,’ Roque gathered, came up when earlier queries were thrown against the band in certain e–groups both Orange and Lemons and Roque belong to.

    She continued, "At that time they were commissioned to do the melody of the song, they were listening to The Care and thought that it’s some sort of natural tendency to come out with something that sounds like but I’ve heard of ‘Pinoy Ako’ and that’s not katunog. When I heard on board a bus, I was almost sure that ‘Chandelier’s’ lyrics are next after the intro so you could just imagine the shock when Tagalog lyrics settled in! I was like ‘Oh my God! What is this?’ I didn’t know who ripped the song off that time but same thing, I thought ‘This is very sad. This is very frustrating.’ Then, somebody from the States e–mailed me that they saw it on ABS–CBN’s ‘Big Brother.’"

    Meanwhile, ABS–CBN’s official statement on the issue was: "ABS-CBN commissioned Orange and Lemons to compose the music, arrange and perform an original song, ‘Pinoy Ako,’ as the theme of ‘Pinoy Big Brother.’ Any inquiry with regard to this matter should be addressed to the band and Universal Records (Orange and Lemons music label)."

    A staunch believer of Indie musicians and OPM, Roque was prompted to come out after she read the band’s denial in the Bulletin, which she described, "Dumbfounding. How could they (Orange and Lemons) deny they copied the song when I have all the e–mails to prove them wrong?" noted Roque who has been a music writer for Pulp music magazine since 2003.

    Paul Simpson happened to be in constant correspondence with Roque "and as a friend of Paul, it’s unfair for Orange and Lemons to rip-off his song without asking for Paul’s permission. They know very well that I can relay the message for them; instead they apologized to me saying ‘apologies to ma’am Giselle;’ and that they’re sorry if it caused me sleepless nights, that they are willing to treat me out for coffee—which I felt was very insulting—and the best part is that they said they’re sure that The Care wouldn’t mind. I replied to that e–mail and said ‘why are you apologizing to me?’ They never apologized to Paul or Ian Broudie about the whole event!"

    The bottomline was, told Roque sharply is that, "Orange and Lemons are making it sound as if it’s OK to copy melody of a foreign song then use it in their own song that ironically speaks about Filipinos."

    Roque said she had a hard time believing that the local act did rip–off "Chandeliers." She stressed, "I’ve long heard [of] rumors long before ‘Pinoy Ako’ became a hit that the song is parehong-pareho ng ‘Chandeliers’ but of course I did not want to believe because the people from Orange and Lemons are my friends. In fact it was me that firstly introduced them through Pulp magazine and before they were featured, my editor then had to ask me if I really know them. It was quite a struggle before I finally came out with the feature that started their rise."

    Because she had been in constant connection with Simpson, Simpson’s Brit music label Skyray and the label’s representative Nick Halliwell, Roque notified the concerned individuals. "Right now, they are waiting for a move from Warner Chappell’s because they own the rights of the song," Roque revealed.

    Asked why she decided to come out with these allegations, she replied, "Paul is my friend but other than that, I have no stake in this thing. Nothing. I just happen to know the truth and I don’t mind sharing it with people who may have been humming a song they believed [to be] original. You just have to listen to both songs to conclude that it’s a violation of intellectual rights."

  4. FrankDrebin Guest
    Orange and Lemons cries foul!

    "It saddens us because it’s unfair."

    This Universal Records act Orange and Lemons told Manila Bulletin when sought for reaction to allegations that the melody and musical arrangement of their radio smash "Pinoy Ako," also used as theme song in the hit reality show, "Pinoy Big Brother," was patterned after an obscure single dubbed "Chandeliers" by 80’s New Wave group, The Care.

    "The guitar intro part, perhaps," the quartet allowed. "But then again, if you listen to most New Wave songs, lahat naman halos nagsisimula sa gitara. ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ by The Cure is one example. What’s important is that the melody of ‘Pinoy Ako’ from ‘Chandelier"s is different. Kahit i-compare mo yung dalawa ng note for note, safe kami sa panggagaya kasi di naman talaga kami nanggaya at lalong di kami yung tipong magnanakaw ng kanta ng may kanta. Kung magkatunog man, walang malisya yon."

    Orange and Lemons said that Universal Records (their mother company) and even Star Records (company that produced "Pinoy Ako") have already looked into the matter and found the group not guilty of infringing on any intellectual property rules.

    BMG Music (now Sony BMG Music Entertainment) that owns the rights to The Care’s "Diamonds And Emeralds" CD from which "Chandeliers" came is yet to issue a statement or take legal actions if it so warrants.

    "In fact, while recording the song, our producer Robert Javier was with us. Eh di dapat siya na mismo ang unang nagsalita. You can say that ‘Chandeliers’ was the inspiration, the peg of ‘Pinoy Ako.’ But it wasn’t derived from that or any other song."

    How did they end up recording ‘Pinoy Ako,’ anyway, considering that they did so for another record company?

    "Lauren Dyogi, who directs ‘Pinoy Big Brother,’ heard our first single ‘Hanggang Kailan’ at the mall. He liked what he heard so he suggested to ABS-CBN that we do the theme song for the reality show. The lyrics were written by Jonathan Manalo tapos nilagyan na lang namin ng tono at ginawan ng areglo. Funny, but when I was doing the song in the studio, I wasn’t thinking of The Care at all but Rey Valera," said Orange and Lemons vocalist Mcoy Fundales.

    This is not the first time that Orange and Lemons has been accused of musical plagiarism. The band revealed that even when they released their independently produced album under Toti Dalmacion’s Terno Records a few years ago, some people have come up to them to point out similarities between some of their originals and songs by international British groups.

    "Minsan nga, nagdadala pa sila ng CDs ng mga kanta to prove their ‘point,’" they said.

    "Pero di naman namin ito gaanong pinapansin. Unang-una, kung meron kami talagang naagrabyado dahil sa panggagaya, bakit walang complainant? Hindi ba dapat, ang unang mag-complain ay yung may ari ng kanta?"

    They added: "Besides, mas madaming tao ang lumalapit sa amin thanking us for the music that we do. We even have fans from as far away as Japan e-mailing us, ‘You’re amazing!’ It’s not also unusual na makakita ka ng buong pamilya sa mga shows namin because even parents who grew up to New Wave music appreciate our sound."

    They continued, "This is our way of paying back to artists who have set the road before us; this is us paying our dues."

    The quartet stressed though they are not solely a New Wave act.

    "We’re indie pop bordering on New Wave. Besides, our influences go beyond New Wave to include The Beatles, Oasis, The Smiths, etc. Ang The Beatles ba, New Wave? Hindi. Minsan nga, napagbibintangan kami na New Wave poseurs kasi hindi naman daw kami lumaki during the New Wave era. But New Wave is not just an era but a sound; one of elegance and eloquence that we appreciate. Siguro, what’s more accurate to say is that we were influenced by British bands and that years of emulation have brought about our present sound."

    When asked where their name came from, they pointed to an old XTC (another New Wave band) album. "Yun nga lang, it was called ‘Oranges and Lemons.’ May ‘s.’ Sa amin, wala. We liked the name kasi it denotes freshness of bittersweet quality. Parang yung mga songs namin na fresh ang dating from other local bands but at the same time may nostalgia kasi nga you can hear the old in the new," they explained.

    The band also emphasized that they are no overnight success. "We have been in the scene for six, seven years now. Kaya nga namin nakuha yung New Wave sound kasi we had to do covers in the past para magkaroon kami ng gigs. Back then, the trend was to do 70’s music. Para maiba, we chose to do New Wave and Brit pop covers. But make no mistake about it-Orange and Lemons is basically Pinoy at heart and in sound."

    Confronting the allegations are farthest from the minds of Orange and Lemons members right now. Rather, it’s their busy schedule that they’d like to concentrate on beginning with the release of the repackaged "Strike Whilst The Iron Is Hot" that will contain four bonus tracks including acoustic versions of "Hanggang Kailan" and "Heaven Knows" (their current single) and "Pinoy Ako."

    There, too, is the release of the upcoming single "Blue Moon" also to be used as theme song to Regal Films Metro Manila Filmfestival entry of the same title.

    "We’re too busy to even listen to radio or watch TV let alone pay attention to critics. Anyway, the truth will set us free eventually," they ended.

    Orange and Lemons is composed of Ace Del Mundo on drums and percussions, JM Del Mundo on bass guitar, Mcoy Fundales on vocals and acoustic guitar and Clem Castro on vocals and electric guitar.

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    heck... most new music is just a rehash of the melodies used during the 60s and 70s. nothing is really "original" these days.

  6. FrankDrebin Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by BlueBimmer
    nadiscuss na ata to sa pbb thread, technically di daw ripoff
    Na-discuss na ba doon? Hehehe. Haba na kasi eh. Anyway, technically it is a very obvious rip-off.

  7. FrankDrebin Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by mazdamazda
    heck... most new music is just a rehash of the melodies used during the 60s and 70s. nothing is really "original" these days.
    Kung sabagay, kaya lang Pinoy na Pinoy ang theme at lyrics so dapat original pati ang rhythm at sounds.

  8. jagxtrm Guest
    sir frankdrebin,

    eto ata ang tamang link --> http://dl3.**********.de/files/

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    yup download ko nga yun kanta pero ok lang pinoy great interpreter, they give a good spin off naman e, theres elvis ng pinas, even local gay impersonator gives a gud voice resemblance n statuete of local star, no offense sa noypi, and orange and lemon, fren pa ng barkada ko si clem yun lead ng OnL

  10. jagxtrm Guest
    sir frankdrebin,

    eto ata ang tamang link --> http://**********.de/files/5938251/

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Pinoy Big Brother Theme a rip-off from The Cares?